Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 Review - With Many Features and Wider Functions

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 was present at the beginning of September 2020. The smartwatch made by Samsung was present to support a healthy lifestyle but still maintained the modern and stylish style of users. As a product that has recently been present, of course, many new features accompany this Galaxy Watch 3.

samsung galaxy watch3

In the product itself, there are two variants offered to Lovers of SmartWatch. Besides being present in a 41mm screen size, Samsung also presents the Galaxy Watch 3 in a 45mm screen size. Everything still has a rotating bezel which is the characteristic of the Samsung Galaxy Watch. While for the color there are also two types, namely Mystic Bronze and Mystic Silver for which are 41mm, as well as Mystic Silver and Mystic Black for which are 45mm. In addition, there is also a titanium version which of course has a higher price than the two other variants.

We had time to test this smartwatch in a few days. In addition to accompanying daily activities, the 45mm galaxy watch 3 is also used to record sports activities. Indeed there is an increase in features present at Galaxy Watch 3 compared to the previous version. Therefore, these features are our main target to test it.

Sales package

Our 45mm full Galaxy Watch 3 package immediately opens when you get to the editorial table. First, see it, immediately feel a fancy impression of this smartwatch. In fact, for men, this watch can make users more confident. Especially if you use strap material from the skin.

For more details, here are the items in the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 package:

  • One unit of Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 Mystic Black with a leather strap
  • A short guide and warranty card
  • Wireless Dock along with a USB cable for the charging process


The first time I saw the diameter size of the clock present at Galaxy Watch 3, we immediately thought there was a difference from before. Samsung always resizes the screen in each version of the Galaxy Watch. Now, on Galaxy Watch 3, Samsung uses 41mm and 45mm. While the screen size is 1.4 inches. This is wider than before.

The screen is super AMOLED with a resolution of 360 x 360 pixels. While the screen ratio is 1: 1. To keep the screen resistant to scratches and collisions, Samsung coated it with Gorilla Glass DX. The screen from Galaxy Watch 3 also supports the features of the Always-on Display.

The impression of luxury is so felt in the body of the Galaxy Watch 3 because it is made of solid steel (stainless steel). Around the screen, there is a bezel that can rotate left and right to navigate the menu. Rotating Bezel also has sides that are not made smooth, but there are vertical strokes on the whole side. Thus, it will be conveniently held when wanting to play the bezel to the desired menu.

On the right side, two physical buttons have different functions. The button at the top if pressed will activate the "Back" function or return to the previous menu. While the bottom button functions to restore the display to the home screen. The bottom button also functions as a power button.

On the left side, there is a speaker who can present a fairly strong voice. Besides being used to answer call calls by using speakerphone mode, speakers on Galaxy Watch 3 can also be used to listen to other music and entertainment in the hours. On this left side, there is also a microphone hole to make calls or voice commands.

Meanwhile, if we pay attention to the back, there is a heart rate sensor. This sensor is visible because the outer side is protected again by a transparent glass layer. In this section, some modules can be connected to wireless charging. So, just by pressing the back on the Wireless Charger plate.

Galaxy Watch 3 features

So that this device can be used optimally, we must install the Galaxy Wearable application on the smartphone we use. It is important to regulate and make the Galaxy Watch 3 feature more optimal and maximal. The initial process will go through the application install, pairing with Smart Watch, and data synchronization needed Galaxy Watch 3. Sometimes Samsung also offers other supporting applications such as Samsung Health. This health application according to our function is quite important because the Galaxy Watch 3 is also built to accompany and monitor its users' sports activities.

galaxy active 3

If it has been connected through Bluetooth, which was first noted of course Watch Faces. Of course, you want the screen display from the clock to look cool right? This is where you can search the clock interface that suits your wishes. If the watch faces are selected, usually you will explore further in the Galaxy Watch 3 this. This is where the rotating bezel function plays a role. Rotate to the right, you will see a row of options and menus that can be accessed. Start monitoring daily activity, see a collection of applications that are installed on watches, monitoring various sports, the latest weather conditions around you, activity schedules that can be synchronized with email accounts, music, heart rate settings, to the latest is the measurement of oxygen levels (SPO2).

From the home screen, if the bezel is rotated to the left, you will be delivered to the Notification section and Samsung Pay. This is where a collection of notifications that enter smartphones can appear on Galaxy Watch 3. While settings for what type of notification appears can be accessed from the Samsung Galaxy Wearable application.

One new feature in the Galaxy Watch 3 is a gauge of oxygen levels in the blood (spo2). This is a complement to the features of the detectors of the heartbeat that has been around for a long time. In this feature, you can measure the level of oxygen in the blood only by using this watch on the wrist. Indeed, to get good results, the wrist must be silent. The clock position must not be so far from the chest.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 is also connected to the Galaxy Ecosystem via Smart Things. Here, various smart devices that have supported the Galaxy Ecosystem can be collected together, these IoT devices can also be connected. That way, it's no wonder if this watch can be a reliable TV remote for the Samsung smart TV you have. Chanel selection to adjust the volume can be done from the clock. The same thing can be done with other IoT devices connected to the Smart Things application. For example, if you have a Smart Bulb or another smart home device, you can set it from the Samsung Galaxy Watch.

As a wearable device, the Galaxy Watch 3 is certainly equipped with a variety of fitness programs to maintain the health of the users (home workout). In total 120 programs can be followed to maintain fitness. No half-hearted, this exercise program can be guided by the instructor. Not only in the form of animation, but the instructor also appears in the form of a video. Interestingly, with the Galaxy Ecosystem on Smart Things, this exercise program can be connected to Smart TV. You can also see the exercise guide with a larger screen. And, you can see the progress of heartbeat in real-time directly from Smart TV.

Other interesting features present are PPT controllers. This feature is the same as the remote that has been mentioned earlier. It's just that the clock can function as a touchpad for supporting support devices, such as tablets or smart TVs. You can open the presentation file, both stored on other devices (which are also connected to this watch) or stored in internal storage. TouchPad mode makes the device connected to have a cursor. You can also navigate as done on a laptop or desktop PC.

For other health features applications, it remains the same as the previous Galaxy Watch. You can also add applications and interesting widgets to this watch. For example for entertainment. You can run music players, Spotify, YouTube, and various other entertainment applications. While to support productivity, in addition to supporting presentation files, Galaxy Watch3 is also connected to Microsoft Outlook on smartphones. You will not miss the daily email update. Thus, hours not only accompany sports activities but also comfortable invited to work and enjoy entertainment.

Especially for female users, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 also has a menstrual stimulus controller feature. You can use this to see the menstrual cycle. You can see predictions of the next menstrual period. That way, you can regulate other activities so productivity remains without interruption.

Equipped with a 340mAh capacity battery, this Galaxy Watch 3 can support your activities with a full day duration. From our experience with a normal activity burden, this new watch felt in charge again after being used for almost three days. It runs with a battery in the position of using "Standard". It will be longer if you use "Power Saving" or "Watch Only" mode.

Galaxy Watch 3 also supports several gestures that are quite beneficial for users. One example is the hands of clenching movements to receive call calls. You can also rotate the wrist to turn off the alarm or reject the call. There is also a 2 finger gesture to change the display of the screen to black and white. This can save battery usage. And, now to do screenshots can also be done in the same way when you capture the smartphone screen. Which is pressing two buttons simultaneously.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 also has Always on Display features. If this feature you activate, the clock screen will still turn on. It's just that, when you're not seen by you, the screen will fade more. With this feature, the Galaxy Watch 3 will look like an analog clock because it won't appear dark when it's not noticed.

For user security, on Galaxy Watch 3 there are now falling detection features. This Detect Falls feature will call the number that has been registered as an emergency number when detecting the user falls. Activation This feature is in the SOS menu in the Settings section.

samsung watch 3 titanium

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 Specifications:

  • Body size: 45mm
  • Dimensions: 46.2 x 45 x 11.1 mm
  • Weight: 54 grams
  • Display: 1.4 inches Super AMOLED 360 x 360 pixels, always-on display
  • Chipset: Exynos 9110 (10nm) Dual-Core 1.1GHz Cortex-A53 Mali-T720
  • Memory: 1GB of RAM and 8GB for internal storage
  • Battery: 340mAh
  • FOS: Tizen 5.5
  • Sensor: Accelerometer, Gyro, Heart Rate, Barometer; NFC; Natural Language Commands and Dictation
  • Other features: Samsung Pay, CG Certified, Blood Pressure Monitor, Compatible with Standard 20 / 22mm Straps, Rotating Bezel, Loudspeaker, LTE


Enter in the upper-class Smart Watch segment, this Samsung Galaxy Watch3 does have very many features. Not only features to support sports activities but also now plus features to support productivity. Examples are PPT Control features that make this watch can open files from PowerPoint. And, even presentation control can be done from the Galaxy Watch 3 because the screen can be converted into a touchpad.

Synergy with other smart devices in the Galaxy Ecosystem in the Smart Things application also makes the Galaxy Watch 3 function even wider. Various smart devices can be controlled from this watch. During testing, you even operate Samsung's Smart TV using just hours, not with the default TV remote.

The Super AMOLED screen also displays a clear display. However, Samsung still provides an option to adjust the screen brightness so that it can save more battery. However, for men, we suggest using a size of 45mm. While 41mm is more suitable for women.

New features such as a gauge of oxygen levels in the blood (spo2) are also very useful for users. So, during the condition of the Covid-19 pandemic which is still a little worrying, the Galaxy Watch 3 can help users to maintain their fitness every day. Even you like having a personal training instructor thanks to many training programs in the Samsung Health application.