7 Tips for Taking Instagramable Photos, Guaranteed to Add Likes and Comments!

It has become a common thing that visuals on social media determine digital existence today. A good photo invites many likes and myriad comments, which is not uncommon to lead to celebrity, influencer, the model. Some celebrities started their career with interesting photos. The user competes with each other to occupy a position similar to displaying photos that looked Instagramable.


For those who do not know, Instagramable itself is a combination of words from Instagram and -able, which means something appropriate or feasible to be uploaded to the Instagram platform so that it produces engagement in your post so that it becomes a trending topic. For the results of the photo to produce a high number of likes and engagement on Instagram, ExGamesplay shares 7 tips on how a photo looks Instagramable. Curious? Check out the full explanation below!

1. Pay attention to the object around it

The best composition of the photo is when people use the elements around it. By doing this, it can save time in a photography session. Try to make sure whether the background is appropriate, the colors around it, model facial lines, and others. Or better, if you use the object around it. For example bicycles, windows, plants, ornaments, and other interesting decorations. So that the model also does not die style when posing, and the photos become more colorful and attractive.

2. Play with various poses

This is the most important point that must be known by the photo model. Not everyone is more expressive in front of the camera. Some still feel awkward, stiff, and trembling when they want to be photographed. Instead of standing upright and hands beside the body, try to learn the scratch poses like photos of selfies on Instagram. For example, put one hand under the chin, fold your arms, hold the tip of the clothes, hold hair, and many more. Not only hands, the position of the legs and facial expressions must also be considered so as not to look stiff.

3. Lighting

Not just a pose and background, but shooting that Instagramable must also pay attention to the surrounding lighting. Although it can be arranged with a photo editor application, good photos use good light too. Natural lighting is often the best and appropriate option in producing interesting photos. If you want to take a bright photo, the recommended natural light is in the morning and afternoon before the afternoon outdoors of course. While when in the room, try to pay attention to the lights in the room first. If support, then you can take pictures.

4. Try to take Low Angle

Low angle lately is often used by several celebrities. It's good to try to take this angle if the model has a body size that isn't too high. By using a low angle, the model of the model and the object also looks higher. Photographers can also apply a semi-low angle, so it's not too down to take a picture of a model with moderate body size. In addition, Low Angle also gives a more dominant and dashing impression on the model. Even though the angle is good, still don't forget some other important points above this.

instagramable pictures

5. Determine the distance

For those who want to do a selfie in the style of instagramable but it doesn't look like a selfie, can try playing hands and photo distance. This point is suitable if you are traveling, no one has photographed it. Using a selfie stick is the best solution, but plays angle and hand positions for self-portraits into a plus. It's better if the background looks supportive and beautiful as a landscape of natural scenery, tall buildings, and more. Try to hold the camera position with the face at a distance and adjust the length of the hand. Make sure the hand position doesn't look like it's holding the camera. In addition, also avoid using zoom when you want to close up because it can make photos not look sharp.

6. Use the photo editor application

For photos to look beautiful, the photo editor application is the last point that must be done, of course. There are various kinds of photo editor applications that are worth trying to produce instagramable photos. Call it VSCO, Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Photoshop, Snapseed, PicsArt, Fotor, and much more. To look more beautiful, you should just use one filter. Adjust Contrast, Lighting, Shadow, Vignette, Crop, White Balance according to the wishes and of course the color of the photo. Or if you use Lightroom, then set the attractive preset so that the photo looks like telling stories.

7. Confident!

This is the most important point that must be done by the model. Instagramable photos are not only viewed in terms of the beauty of background, presets, and filters. But the confidence of the model and photographer. Try to practice demonstrating various poses in front of the mirror if you are not used to the camera. With a lot of practice, it will be able to express poses more confidently. While from the photographer, try to practice taking angles and utilizing the existing light and objects. Don't forget to practice editing photos so that the results look satisfying and amazing.

Well, that's 7 tips on taking instagramable photos, hopefully, this article can add your insight and can help you develop branding on your Instagram account!