Realme Band Review - Stylish Smartband with Sporty Features

Realme Band Review - Stylish Smartband with Sporty Features

As a brand focused on Tech Trendsetter, a Realme not only wants to provide smartphones, but also seeks to create an intelligent ecosystem in the AIoT sector. After successfully launching TWS, the Buds Air Realme, at the end of the first quarter, the reality released the band Realme as a complement to the intelligent AIoT ecosystem in Indonesia.

Realmee Band Review - Stylish Smartband with Sporty Features

Launched in April, the Smartband Realme is claimed to be suitable for keeping the body fit and stylish during activities. Of course it's important to keep the body healthy so that the activities run smoothly. Even so, the Realme is not only focused on the health features of his smartband, but also still pay attention to the design of the device that targets these young people.

This time, we have the opportunity to try out the Band's Realme. To find out more about the features and advantages in it, see the review of the Band Realme that we have summarized below:

Sales Package

Before starting the review, it is better to review the sales package offered. In it, the reality of packing the band without any additional charger is because this smart bracelet uses a USB Direct Charge port. Quite simple, yet functionally practical.


Featuring a stylish impression, bright colors are also potentially dirty, but this polymer-based device is easy to clean. Besides, the fact is that the band's reality is equipped with antibacterial and antifungal properties, so there is no need to worry.

Realmee Band Review - Design

This smartband has a large color screen measuring 2.4 cm (0.96 inches). Even so, the combination of the screen with the strap is quite ergonomic in hand, although there is still room left. On the other hand, using a smartband Realme is like not using anything, because it only weighs 20gr, very light.

Furthermore, with the Band Realme we can still look stylish thanks to 5 different screen displays. we can choose the screen design on the Link Realme link application. The functional interface colors that are displayed are also more attractive and visible on a black screen.

In use, it feels easy because it is equipped with a responsive virtual button. Interestingly, we can activate the screen without touching anything. Only need to turn your hand or lift it, the screen will activate automatically thanks to the gravity sensor it has. A little fact, the device can display more than 65,000 colors and at most 64 letters.


In charging, the smartband Realme is very practical thanks to the end-screen design in the form of USB Direct Charge. we just need to open the strap and directly connect the device with a USB Charge port or power bank. With a 90mAh (BIS) battery, this smartband can last around 5-6 days with an active heart rate detector.

Besides, the Band Realme is also connected to almost all popular applications (Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, YouTube, Messenger, SMS), which makes it display notifications from the application. No need to worry about not being able to see the notifications that come in because reality has optimized the time to display notifications on the screen. So, we freely read the notifications on the screen. The Band Realme smartly is also able to track the location of a smartphone (Find My Device).

Meanwhile, as an AIoT product from Realmee, this smartband is connected to the Realmee Link application available on PlayStore. we need to download it first before using the Band Realme, because its main function is to connect the device with a smartphone. Link Realmee also allows us to manage devices, even get smartband feature updates.

Some things that can be done through the Link Realme, namely Call settings, Reminder management, Do Not Disturb Mode, Gravity Sensor, Brightness Settings, Language Settings, Display connection status on notifications, Equipment update, restart, unpair and erase the device.

Real-time Heart Rate Tracker

Band Realmee offers PPG optical heart rate sensor as one of the superior features. That way, we can measure heart rate per unit BPM (Beat Per Minute) in real-time, both auto mode or manually.
Auto mode will report beats every 5 minutes, while manual settings, we can measure it at any time. It doesn't take a long time to measure it manually, it only takes about 10 seconds, the results appear on the band's Realme screen. So, smartband reports it in real-time.

The system works, the Realme of using light from the band to reach the skin, and then the reflected light is received through the band sensor. Until finally, the heart rate can be calculated through the system. Later, users also get a Reminder (Reminder) to low and high heart rate ratio in OTA updates.

Realmee Band Review - Sleep Quality Monitor

Sleep Quality Monitor

In addition to having a heart rate tracker, Band Realmee also outperforms the Sleep Quality Monitor feature. In use, this feature can analyze and report on sleep quality. Yes, Very smart as well as helping to measure the level of our health, especially those who have problems in sleep aka Insomnia. The Sleep Quality Monitor can work thanks to the PPG optical heart rate sensor embedded in the band Realme.

Idle Alert

The use of band Realmee is indeed suitable for those of you who want to live healthy. This smartband will remind us to just move or walk when sitting for a long time. What's more, the Idle Alert feature also helps remind us to drink water regularly, to stay hydrated and healthy.

Sports Tracker

Like a smartband in general, Band Realme also supports sports modes. There are 9 sport modes in the Link Realme application, including walking, running, and yoga. Unfortunately, out of 9 only 4 can be saved in the band's Realme.

So, it is necessary to choose what kind of sport you want to keep on the smartband through the Link Realme application. Another acquisition, the Band Realme is very appropriate in accompanying us to exercise, because it will send a notification if excessive heartbeat is detected when exercising.

IP68 level water resistance

Last but not least is the IP68 water resistance feature. The level of water resistance can protect the device from dirt, dust, sand, and water.

In other words IP68 in the Band Realme can prevent external objects such as dust from entering the component and ensure that there is no damage caused by immersion, but it is not recommended to deliberately put it in water.


Band Realme can be said to be new in the existing smart bracelet market, but given the launch time and interesting features offered such as real-time heart rate sensors, sleep quality monitors and warnings for drinking and moving, it feels like a suitable band to be your companion to stay maintain fitness. Functional and stylish but still rich in important features of a smart bracelet.