Doom Eternal Review

Doom Eternal Review

Doom is the best example of "reboot done right". The game maintains what made the old Doom very special but also added many updates to make the series more modern. Gameplay offered is very fast and brutal, metal music that is played feels modern and makes players excited in the middle of battle, and the level design remains open without having to make players feel lost. If Doom is a modern update of the classic series, Doom Eternal is an evolution that ushered in a rare one more advanced franchise.

Doom Eternal Review

Doom Eternal is more than just "more Doom" or expansion, this sequel offers many things that make it different but still following the expectations of fans when they hear the word Doom. I can stop this review in this paragraph and recommend you to play Doom Eternal immediately, but of course it's not professional at all and I have to explain to you what makes this sequel better than Doom, which is almost perfect as a modern FPS. Without further length, we'll see firsthand.


Doom Eternal continues the story 2 years after the end of Doom. Hell beings control the earth and 60% of the population is destroyed. You as a Doom Slayer have one task, kill all the demons that stand in your way and save the earth. That's all you need to know from the story of this game because I am honest myself confused about what happened.

The sequel does not tell what happened after Doom Slayer was betrayed by Hayden, this game immediately jumps to the point where the Earth is endangered, Doom Slayer already has a ship with advanced technology and Hayden is no longer functioning. To be honest, I am not happy with the aspect of the story told by Doom Eternal. The narrative that is delivered too seriously with the game continues to introduce new characters and new terms as if the player will immediately understand what is even happening.

The first game has a storyline that is so simple and carried with a presentation that is not so serious even impressed. Serious dialogue might occur but it always ends with Doom Slayer's reaction against what the other character has just said, creating an impression of humor and as if the developer was self-aware that the player would not care about the exposition of what they had just thrown at.

Meanwhile in this game, everything is so serious that it reaches the point that players need to know the backstory story from Doom Slayer. This might not be a problem if the game knows how to tell the main narrative cohesively and doesn't make a big question mark appear every time the cutscene ends.

Doom Eternal Review Perfect the Perfect Gunplay

To overcome this confusing storyline, the game has audio logs and various other lore media that are scattered in various areas of the game. But does the developer expect the player to stop and hear or read when there is intense action waiting in the next room?

So yes, the narrative is not the strongest aspect of Doom Eternal like other Doom series. Fortunately this does not affect the satisfaction of playing this game.

Perfect the Perfect Gunplay

Let's talk about the aspect that makes this game so special: Gameplay. Imagine the first game but with a larger scale and a variety of new mechanics that make you more aggressive in the arena. That is Doom Eternal in a nutshell.

Health, armor, and ammunition are the 3 main keys to survival in Doom Eternal and each battle seems like a puzzle. If you have a health crisis, you must do glory kills, if you want to add armor, you must remember to burn the enemy first with the flamethrower on Doom Slayer's back, and if you run out of bullets, always remember to use the chainsaw.

Ammo problem is the most important because you will often run out of bullets in this game. Doom Slayer now can't carry as many bullets as the first game. Even with a full upgrade, the text "low ammo" will often appear on your screen. Many fans complained about this problem but for me the lack of ammunition encourages players to make more use of a chainsaw. In the first game, the chainsaw is nothing more than an "installation weapon", making it only used a few times throughout the game. In the sequel, the chainsaw is more made as a strategic weapon. You will often use it on small enemies not because to save time but because of the necessity that must be done to keep loading ammunition and returning to action.

Besides shooting each enemy to death, you can also attack them at their weak points. No matter how thick the armor is protecting them, each enemy has a weak point that makes them killed faster. This element adds to the complexity of combat in the game with you will always change the right weapon to fight certain enemies. But the game does not force you to do so, you can always play the old way with run-and-gun like the previous game.

Doom Eternal is also much more difficult than the previous series. Even with normal difficulty (Hurt Me Plenty), you will be truly challenged to see that each confrontation is made longer, busier, and the enemy also reduces your health faster. Therefore, inevitably you have to take advantage of every mechanic that the game has to offer. Even though it makes me die hundreds of times on the Ultra-violence difficulty level, the game never bore me because the foundations of the gameplay are indeed very fun and addictive, you might even hope the fight lasts even longer.

In addition to a new arsenal of weapons and gadgets, Doom Slayer is also equipped with dozens of upgrade options. All are optional but it is highly recommended to explore each level to get each upgrade that will make it easier for you in each battle.

With all the mechanics and combat elements added. Playing Doom Eternal is like a puzzle where you have to find the solution that you think is the most appropriate in creating the biggest brutality possible in each arena. Skills and quick reflexes might help, but the key that comes first in Doom Eternal is how you execute each subsequent move. All of this makes Doom Eternal FPS different than the games that are already on the market.

But it would be a big lie if I had no negative complaints about this game. The only thing that I hate and prevents me from calling this game perfect is the presence of an enemy that doesn't seem appropriate to be here. The enemy is Marauder.

Doom Eternal Review Platforming is still fun

It's different from other enemies that you can fight by attacking weak points or just shooting them as freely as you can. Marauder is a very defensive enemy, making him only be defeated in one way, namely counter-attack. He can fend off all weapons including BFG and Sword Crucible, and you must be patient waiting for him to make one specific attack to counterattack. For a boss fight, this kind of enemy makes sense, but to be a regular enemy in the middle of a battle that contains dozens of other monsters? He is not so difficult to fight when you know his weaknesses, but every time he appears, you will say "damn, he is again" because Marauder does damage the fast loop game that is typical of Doom to feel like an RPG game where you have to wait for him to execute one attack Be specific beforehand so the player can deflect and deal damage to him.

That is the only negative thing I can think of from this spectacular FPS. After completing the game, I am interested in playing again with a higher level of difficulty. The offered Gunplay is very addictive, I feel sad when the game has to reach the final boss.

Platforming is still fun

Just like the first game, Doom has several platforming sessions including when fighting. With a new dash of movement, swinging a pole, and climbing a wall, platforming in Doom Eternal is a little more difficult. Many people criticize this aspect and consider it "hit-or-miss", but I feel the platforming session in this game is a fitting moment of filler to calm players after an intense battle against monsters while still challenging the player's skill in executing each Doom Slayer's movements.

There are times when you are confused about where to go, but it's not uncommon for me to be met with a secret area accidentally because I am confused looking for a way to the right objective, making me feel valued for experimenting with level exploration.

Moving Doom Slayer with its agile move set is also very fun. Combining double jumps and dashes then climbing walls feels satisfying when executed correctly. Even if it is wrong, you will only be pulled back to the previous safe point, unlike the first game where you were immediately killed for failing a little.

Doom Guy's movements may not be as smooth as the next game like Titanfall, but I have to appreciate developers who can bring fun platforming in games that focus on shooting.

Metal Music that Revives the Spirit

Mike Gordon again proved that he was suitable to be appointed as the composer of this game. The nuances of metal still color each song in the Doom Eternal soundtrack collection. He also seems to have begun experimenting with adding some kind of gothic element on several levels set in the castle.
BFG 10k, Super Gore Nest, The Only Thing They Fear is You, Gladiators, and many more, every song "combat" in this game will make your spirit fiery. As great as the music in this game, you don't mind to go back to the last checkpoint just to hear the same song again.

Outside of his signature loud music, Mike Gordon also injects some "calm" music when outside combat. Each song accurately describes the atmosphere that occurs on the screen. The music when Doom Slayer enters Phobos is the best example of what I mean. The music that is played isn't loud but the monotonous melodies that are played make you look like a feared dashing person who is ready, human-intended you want to be saved.

Doom Eternal Review Battlemode

Overall maybe I prefer the soundtrack of the first game, but that does not mean the song in this game failed to make me nod my head when playing. Once again two big thumbs up to Mike Gordon, the soundtrack trophy is waiting for you at the end of the year.


It can be concluded that single-player content is very fitting in Doom Eternal, but what about the multiplayer component? Id Software discards old multiplayer modes such as Deathmatch and CTF with a new mode of Battlemode. In this mode, one Doom Slayer will be associated with 2 demon characters. The task of the players in this mode is very clear, which is to kill one another.

As Doom Slayer, you play like a single-player. As a monster, you will use each different skill in each monster to defeat Doom. If both monsters die before one can respawn, the round will end.

Cat and mouse games are the main theme in this mode. Even though the foundations are fun, still Battlemode seems like a mode you will find in special Overwatch events or other popular multiplayer games. Fashion does not have so many variations that can occur, making it look bored appearing in a fast time.

Classic multiplayer modes such as Deathmatch might be to cliché at the moment, but I think it would be better if Id Software still applied such a classic mode instead of completely relying on a unique mode that is likely to be abandoned within one month after release.


Doom Eternal became the starting point for the evolution of the franchise. Various new mechanics were introduced to make gunplay more complex without making players dizzy. The game has a fun gunplay, platforming that is also fun, and also metal music that is like gasoline to burn your spirits. The game has a multiplayer component that is cool too, but it is likely to be forgotten soon due to a lack of variation that can occur.