Zoom Presents More Emoji Choices and Fix the features they have

Zoom Presents More Emoji Choices and Fix the features they have

This final zoom provides a new update for its video call application. The update gives some Quality of Life Improvement to improve the experience of people in using the application. The rapidly developing company at the beginning of Corona finally allows users to display emojis with a variety of expressions in each meeting and increase the annotation feature in the video call service they have.

Zoom Presents More Emoji Choices

This update is intended so that Zoom users do not feel bored when doing meetings and can display their reactions. Because now, more people use zoom without videos, and use the Mute feature to listen and pay attention to the contents of the presentation done by the host.

Zoom also increases the annotation features it has. Everyone who uses the Annotation feature on Zoom must have known how fragile it must remove the text that has been drawn. Therefore zoom provides a new tool called Vanishing Pen Tool for Windows, MacOS, and Linux which will automatically delete all the text that has been written after a few seconds. Unfortunately this feature is still not available for Android and iOS users.

A year ago, Zoom itself gets an increase in popularity because Corona. This pandemic effect makes people unable to talk to each other directly require media such as video call applications like Skype so that they can communicate with each other. However, Zoom itself has a variety of problems for a year ago, one of which is a Privacy and Security problem, which is finally repaired by zoom itself. Zoom itself has tried to improve its service even to provide emoji reaction features.

Zoom is a video call application that can be used on Android, iOS, Windows, MacOS. and Linux.