Blue Archive Review - Action Game Strategy for Weeaboo

The global version of Blue Archive has now been released a 2 week which this strategy action game was released by Yostar and developed by NAT Studio. This game also attracts a lot of attention of the gamers (especially Weeaboo) where the gameplay is quite interesting, the model and form of existing characters is also a concern of the gamers. However, is this game recommended for you to play? Here we want to review this Blue Archive game. For a long time, let's immediately look at the reviews from gameplay, graphics, and others below!

blue archive global

Gameplay that looks easy, but it's not

Following the genre, Blue Archive here has an element of strategy as well as Action. You will act as a sensei or teacher who will guide your students in a team. In each of his stages, you will bring 6 Chibi-shaped characters for one team which consists of 4 striker characters and 2 special characters. Striker characters are characters that will be in front and face enemies face-to-face, while special characters will be supported from behind which will help attack, buff, Heal, and many other types.

Each character also has different classes according to their weapons and school. For the weapons class, there is HG (Hand Gun), AR (Assault Rifle), Shotgun (SG), Sniper Rifle (SR), and many others. Then these disciples of course some are the same and different schools and clubs where there is an example of Rikuhachima Aru, one of the students from Gehenna Academy who used the Sniper Rifle weapon from the Club Problem Solver 68, and Sunaookami Shiroko, a female student from Abydos High School who used Assault Rifle weapons from Club Countermeasures Committee. In Blue Archive also has roles like tanks, DPS, Healers, and many others. For example, Aikiyo Fuuka which is a special character has a role healer where the skill can make food for the team of your striker team.

After that, there are also types of attacks and defenses for each character, whereas in Blue Archive there are 5 types of attacks and 4 types of defense that you can defecate based on the color. For each type, there is only one weakness and an easy way to remember them, based on the color. For example, Explosion (red) will be strong when fighting the Light Armor (red), and as well as other colors.

Each environment will also affect students while fighting, where there are 3 types of environments in Blue Archive, namely City Area (City), Desert Area (Desert), and Indoor Area (indoors). Based on the stage, you as sensei must use students who like certain environments. Carrying students who have the advantages in that environment make your students give bigger damage and make you more quickly finish the stage.

Blue Archive also presents auto and 3x speed features so that your characters can move faster and use skills by themselves. When you complete the stage with * 3, you can use the Sweep feature where you can complete the stage immediately get a prize without having to fight.

Colorful 3D Anime graphics, interactions with beautiful and funny characters!

Blue Archive has a pretty interesting and futuristic look. Like the example where the UI (user interface) menus are quite simple and futuristic that displays animation from your character on the front page of this game, along with small menus below it and the clock display at the bottom right of the front page. For the look of its character, you can replace it by pressing the arrow to the right, or you replace it through the settings above next to the Pyroxene display (currency for Gacha).

Blue Archive also provides you with an exciting experience by interacting with beautiful and funny characters. The system of the game itself is well developed, and maybe many gamers enjoy it. At a time at a facility, you can develop relationships with each character by adding Kizuna Rank you. You can give gifts to your students in "Cafe" to increase Kizuna Rank while getting stamina and currency in the game in "Cafe".

yostar blue archive

The higher Kizuna Rank, the story of each student can open, and you can see some of the faces that have not been seen and their secrets! One interesting system is "Momo Talk", where you can get a message from the students. Because you can reply to their message, this makes it as you interact with these female students.

The Gacha Blue Archive system and how to get characters without Gacha!

One of the things that are concerned by gamers is the Gacha system. In Blue Archive, you won't get a rate pity like Genshin Impact, but here there is a spark system where you can choose the character in the banner when you have managed to do 20 x 10x gacha or around 200x gacha (24,000 pyroxenes) and get recruit Point for every student you get. For each of these gaches, you need 120 pyroxenes for 1x gacha and 1200 pyroxene for 10x gacha and you will get character * 2.

The biggest rarity that you can go through gacha is * 3 with a purple and rainbow background color, but you can raise the rarity to * 5 with a student fragment that you can exchange with a divine fragment on the shop or get through Gacha. You can also get your ideal character if you succeed in collecting fragments that you can get through the event. So don't worry you can't get a good character from Gacha!


Blue Archive here does present gameplay that can be said to be quite often playing in other RPG games. But in Blue Archive you can interact with the characters, even to each other's "SMS". For its graphics, it looks colorful so it's good to see. There are so many factors that influence the results of your battle, so it will also be exciting to develop different strategies in each stage.