Rage of Destiny Reviews - Idle Game That is Different From the Other

Have you ever felt bored, confused because the game was too monotonous and so-so? If your answer is, then maybe you need a different dose game. Especially on the market RPG, which is so-just, other monotonous, mostly chooses the direction of the design that is MOE or indulgence. Amid this problem, there is a game that managed to break the stigma that the idle game was just a game of shallowness without the existence of originality, namely Rage of Destiny.

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This time, we get the opportunity to review more in the Rage of Destiny game an IDLE RPG game that doesn't random idle. Curious about our discussion? Here's a Rage of Destiny Review of ExGamesplay below:

Game graphics that are not half-half

Rage of Destiny is the latest project from igg.com. Carrying the theme of the war in the era of magic and fantasy, Rage of Destiny tells the story of the fight between the power of darkness who want to destroy the world. Here, the player was assigned to gather the heroes who would fight this power of darkness. Even though the theme of this story sounds old, but the Rage of Destiny can wrap this story without being seeming to impose elements of the story in the game.

When we start the game, we are faced with an invasion of the dark troops consisting of the undead and various other monsters. When we start the game, the tutorial given is not complicated and lets the player try to make his strategy.

One thing that makes us amazed is the level of graphic details prepared by igg.com. Where most of the IDLE Games RPG uses the Chibi Anime Style, Rage of Destiny dares to fight the current using Western RPG style.

The simple but deep game mechanism

In addition to displaying idle fighting systems that produce a lot of resources, Rage of Destiny also offers a real-time fight system, where players can fight enemies that block, and suppress the character icon to issue excellent skill animations. In our fight, we cannot Originally put the hero unit we have.

Players must pay attention to the role of each unit, and compose a formation so that your fight is not chaotic and failed. For example, the units that have been attributed by the STR should not be placed behind because they are tanks. Conversely, the unit that is probably the usual intersect is the Support and DPS Magic should not be placed ahead because they are very fragile.

For players who want to focus on working on the others, Rage of Destiny provides a feature that facilitates the fight other than auto-battle and 2x speed like the game next, namely the Auto Advance Stage feature.

With the Auto Advance Stage feature, the arranged character will immediately continue the next stage after completing 1 stage. This feature is quite useful for players who want to quickly complete the Challenge Stage provided and unlock new features that are locked behind the progress.

Game features that are not complicated and not boring

In addition to the Challenge and Campaign features, after the player completes Stage 2-4, the player will open a new feature, Expedition, which is a feature that challenges players to issue a strong unit and collides strategy. In the Expedition option, players can try Stage Dragons den that will bring players to look for treasure and fight monsters.

After Dragons Den, there are also Atonement Tower for players who are seriously looking for challenges by fighting monsters present on each floor, Eternal Battlegrounds to look for artifacts, Realm of illusions to feel the dungeon event, to the trade route to block and hijack the enemy trade route. Not forget For those of you who want to compete with other players, there is also an arena that will compete with each other's strategies.

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Besides Expedition features, Rage of Destiny also has Kingdom features. This Kingdom menu is a menu for those of you who want to interact with other players and also recruit new hero units. Is a portal, where you can recruit Hero for you to use in your team. In the portal, besides you can recruit Hero General, you are also given the option to recruit Hero from certain factions. For those of you who have done Summon repeatedly, you will also be given various items through the reward progress, so you won't feel a shortage of resources.

There is also the Guild feature, Resonance Crystal, and Victory Monument for you who want to interact with other players. As the name suggests, the guild is a feature where you can form a group and interact with other Guild friends. If your friend needs help, you can help him through the Crystal resonance. Well, if you are interested in complaining ranking, with other players, you can also use the features of the Victory Monument.

For those of you who are interested in starting Rage of Destiny, don't be afraid of missing signs of progress with other friends, because when you start the game there are lots of events that you can follow and prizes various strong heroes! Starting from a 7-day login that can get an elite Hero, Stage Rush where you can get the currency to conduct summon in the portal, until the recruit training where you can get a total of 12,000 crystals.

But it is very unfortunate, where no ivory is not cracked. Behind the perfection of the Rage of Destiny, various bugs are quite disturbing, where we finish the battle, but the game is stuck and cannot continue to the next stage. But after being reviewed, this bug has more potential to attack the older device because when tested with other devices we belong to the least more modern, this bug does not attack at all.


With many features that cannot be underestimated, Rage of Destiny is a very solid game, especially for those of you who are looking for idle games that are different from the others. Rage of Destiny tub oasis in the desert because it dares to use the image style that takes the side of western fantasy compared to other games that follow the majority market enjoy the style of Moe Anime.

The game system and the features offered are also seen full of calculations and can certainly not invite boredom. Rage of Destiny can provide entertainment that will not be boring because the features offered can be said to be endless features. For those of you who want to start, one plus value that deserves a thumbs up is a given tutorial that is not complicated but still provides enough information to play. Besides the tutorial, many events help new players to start a game that certainly provides a lot of resources to start.