DISGAEA RPG Review - Defeat Enemies in RPG Style

DISGAEA RPG Review - Defeat Enemies in RPG Style

Disgaea RPG has just released for the global market a few moments ago. This game is the latest series of Disgaea released for mobile devices. DISGAEA RPG carries a turn-based system RPG even though other Disgaea games have a Tactical RPG system. This game has been released in advance for Japan Region in 2019. And on April 13, 2021, Boltrend Games brought the Disgaea RPG to a global server. This game can you play on Android and iOS.

Disgaea RPG Review - Defeat Enemies in RPG Style

This review might be considered for those of you who want to try playing Android games with RPG genres or Disgaea fans who are still not trying to play this game.


Disgaea RPG has 3 types of stories. The first is the playing story where players completed the main story made specifically for this mobile game. The story has 3 high difficulties, namely Easy, Normal, and Hard. The story is also not so heavy because this series always provides a lot of humor spices for each chapter. So the player will not be bored and of course, it will be entertained when reading the story.

The second story is Netherworld History, which is the story of each series of existing Disgaea. So for new players who haven't had the chance to play the Disgaea series, there's no need to fear confusion because in this Story section the player will understand every story of all series. For its global server, there is only Story for only Disgaea. But for the future, there will be a periodic update for each series of DISGAEA which still has not received Netherworld Story.

And the last story is the Event Story. Here, the player can be completed the story new only there for 2 weeks. Story Event Story is also not so important so that you can skip the story and directly completed the event.


Following the name of the game, DISGAEA RPG has a different RPG turn-based system with its main series which has a Sitem Tactical RPG. But almost all the unique features of the Disgaea series are in this game. The player who has become a fan of Disgaea certainly feels nostalgia with the feature.

The character in this game is divided into 2 types, namely humanoid and monsters. Humanoid characters can use various weapons namely Sword, Spear, Ax, Bow, Gun, and Staff. While the character of the monster only has 2 types of weapons namely physical equipment and magical equipment. The equipment is not much different from the main series where each character has 1 weapon slot and 3 slot equipment.

  • Dark Assembly

Dark Assembly, is a unique feature of the Disgaea series present at the DISGAEA RPG. This feature is a feature where players can submit various kinds of applications that will later be tried by senators of monsters to be accepted or not. Players can bribe senators with items so that they agree to the request that the player is submitted. But it is slightly different from other Disgaea, for the mobile version of the player cannot force the senators to approve the request using violence.

  • Worlds items

Worlds items are also a unique feature that is also present at the Disgaea RPG. Worlds items are a feature where players can enter the world in the equipment that players have. Players can increase their level of equipment by completing each floor on the World Item of their Equipment.

In World items, players can also be able to get stronger equipment than the equipment they visit. Some equipment has special monsters called Innocents. These innocents will be captured and have a passive effect on the equipment. And the cooler, these innocents can be transferred to other equipment that has an innocents slot.

Disgaea RPG Review - Gameplay

  • Reincarnation

The Reincarnation feature also exists in the Disgaea RPG but is different from its main series. In this game, every character initially has a cap 100 cap and can range when it has reached the cap level. After doing the reincarnation, the character will return to Level 1 and get a bonus status and which will be used to increase the character of the Weapon Mastery character or Basic Status and increase the stamp level by as much as 100 for each reincarnation.

In other DISGAEA series, job change can only be done when doing reincarnation, but in this game, the character can improve their job by increasing the rarity star of the character by distributing 5 other characters with the same rarity with the character.

  • Towering and Throwing

Unique features such as Towering and Throwing also exist for the Disgaea RPG. Towering is a system where characters can lift other characters so that the character raised cannot be attacked by the enemy. While Throwing is a feature where the character that has raised other characters can throw the character raised towards the enemy. This feature is unique due to when we throw Monster Prinny (which is a mascot of the DISGAEA series), the prinny will explode to give damage to the enemy and the prinny will die.

  • Grinding

Disgaea certainly not the Disgaea if there is no Grinding. Working on the stage in this game requires Stamina. Grinding on Disgaea RPG is easier than series Disgaea other because it has a feature of speed, auto, and also skip the ticket. For farming material items to reincarnation, HL(currency Disgaea), and also the level of the supplied Gate special facilitate the players. Unfortunately not a feature with no auto-repeat for the story so we can not be grinding for AFK. But Grinding on the Item Worlds does not require stamina and also we can use the Auto Advance and Auto Subjugate the Innocents so that we can let the game run in auto.

  • Ultimate Stats

Of course, the hallmark of Disgaea that is certainly present in this game, a Status that is very very Silly. You can improve the status of HP, Attack, Defense, Resistance, and Intelligence characters guys so that it can give an attack to billions even trillions of damage. It looks like this feature is the thing that makes Disgaea very loved by her many fans.

  • Replace The Background And Music

Original features that only exist in the Disgaea RPG. You can change the background appearance of the Lobby as well as change the music as well. If you get bored with the look being worn, you can replace it with a new look that will you get after requesting the Dark Assembly.

  • Overlord Tower

And the latter is a feature of the Overlord's Tower where players can complete each floor of the tower which is challenging enough with a very interesting gift. This feature makes Disgaea RPG is not just a game-paced auto because it takes strategy to complete each floor of the tower.


Of course, this mobile RPG game has a Gacha feature. Gacha in this game is arguably quite well because the SSR unit rate in this game is the same as the majority of other Gacha games, which is 3%. And also this game has a badass fest event where the gacha rate for SR units and SSR has increased 2-fold.

Gacha is also divided into 2 types, namely Free Gacha and Paid Gacha. Free Gacha is Gacha using Nether Quartz (Gacha currency) that you collect throughout the game. And Paid Gacha is a gacha using the Nether Quartz Paid that the buyer with the original currency.

Disgaea RPG Review - Gacha

Gacha this game is also separated by quite a lot of banners and limited characters that will only be present in the banner. Like Event Limited Character, Badass Character, and Collab Character. For the Japanese version, there is a cool collaboration like the anime The Seven Deadly Sins and also Re: Zero which will later be present on a global server.


Not a lot that needs to be addressed to the graphics on this game. Disgaea RPG using the graphics are 2D sprites that the average is the graphics that already exist on the series Disgaea before. Although like that, the Graphics are displayed on this game is pretty convenient if you guys like the gameplay Classic JRPG.


Music in the Game Disgaea RPG most of the music that exists from the previous series. Music Lobby that can be changed to make you will never be bored when returning to the lobby as well as music when the play is also not so boring. However, the Sound Effect issued by some of the characters when it was attacked a little to give the effect of ‘Stressful’ so I suggest diminished only when playing in public areas.

Disgaea RPG provides a new atmosphere for the fans of DISGAEA and also the new players who have never tasted this series. There are still many other features that have been present first in the Japanese version that will present one by one to the Global server. For the author, too many features that are considered complex enough to be the thing that makes the new players are reluctant to play this game. Grinding without the auto-repeat also makes a casual player and be lazy to play a game because it would take quite a lot of time. But, for the true fans of the series Disgaea, this is a pretty fun game played.

Thus the Discussion Disgaea RPG Review, hopefully, the article above can provide valuable information and useful for all of the buddy reader. Happy Reading!!