Spellbreak Review - Unique Battle Royale

Spellbreak Review - Unique Battle Royale

Spellbreak was released right at the beginning of September 2020, Spellbreak became one of the Battle Royale games that successfully invited a lot of attention. This is inseparable from how the developer brings the Battle Royale genre towards different spellbreak.

Spellbreak Review - Unique Battle Royale

Carrying a gameplay mechanism that we rarely encounter, the spellbreak comes to give pretty different nuance. Furthermore, there are some interesting things from the spellbreak that we will peel in this review. Curious? Come see until it runs out.

Battle Royale but without firearms

Following the trailer you can see above, Spellbreak comes without firearms as in Battle Royale games such as COD: Warzone or Pub Mobile. This game presents Elemental as the main weapon. Call it such as fire, ice, wind, poisons, electricity, or ground.

This uniqueness makes Spellbreak one of the interesting Battle Royale games at this time.

Each element can be combined

Every element in this spell can you combine according to your preferences. For example, the fire element can be combined with the ground, and taking damage from the first element becomes more painful.

Or, the fire element with the wind that allows the range of the reach of the element is getting bigger. This is what makes spellbreaks have a distinctive feature.

Spellbreak can be played up to 40 people

In contrast to Warzone or PUBG Mobile containing 100 players, spellbreak only contains 40 players. This number is indeed quite reasonable considering that the existing folder is also quite small for a battle royale game.

However, this amount seems to make each game take place quite short due to the frequent players to meet opponents.

Have diverse skills

The number of elements that have made skills from the game very diverse. Each skill will change if you get Gauntlet with a higher level. Next to the main skill, there is a passive or supporting skill which is also part of the strategy.

This passive skill is likely to help you attack the enemy.

Spellbreak comes with a simple UI

The question of the user interface, spellbreak presents it as minimalist and not too many choices. This most likely is all in the development stage and the developer will provide updates if it is necessary.

Need to adapt to new players

For those of you who often play PUBG or COD: Warzone, it takes time to be able to adapt to this one game. Because I like someone who has long played FPS games takes a short time to be able to master various combinations of elements and maps.

To kill 1 enemy alone is also quite difficult considering that every player has a very thick protective and blood indicator. However, if you can master the various things that exist in this game, it is not difficult to win every game.


Maybe this is a little short review of spellbreak. In conclusion, this game has indeed experienced a short period of development. However, the results are very satisfying for a battle royale game that carries different themes from most other games. You can try this game if interested. 

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