Monster Hunter Rise Review - Not Just Hunting Monster

 Monster Hunter Rise Review - Not Just Hunting Monster

Present the first time in 2020 ago, this One Monster Hunter Rise game has indeed shown many different versions of the previous version. Not only the new story and the world but various new elements turned out to be present in this series. Released through the Nintendo Switch platform on March 26, 2021, Monster Hunter Rise has touched the sales figure of 5 million copies. On our occasion this time, we will provide a simple review for the popular Monster Hunter Rise.

Monster Hunter Rise Review - Not Just Hunting Monster

Still quite surprising for this game it turned out to be released on the Nintendo Switch platform. Even though it doesn't have a visual like other famous consoles, Monster Hunter Rise is a fact that can offer many new things that are not in the Monster Hunter World game. Even though it has the same mechanics, this game is a version of upgrading from the shortcomings of the previous release. The first thing we will review is the Story Monster Hunter Rise which is no less exciting than the previous version.

The Story is Now More Serious and Challenging

If you have played the previous Monster Hunter World game, then you know the concept of the story they offer. That's right, you will again become a Hunter who lives in a village called Kumura. To protect the residence and ecosystem of the world's monsters of this game, hunters created. Your job is to hunt monsters that threaten your settlement. But there is a large conflict that suddenly appears in the area where you live.

Without you realizing the hills where you stay are the location of sleeping Ancient Catastrophe who is now awakened. Event destruction named "The Rampage" triggers the movement of the monster ecosystem to attack several areas of human settlements. You will join the investigation group to overcome this incident so as not to get worse. Your team will finish Rampage Mission to avoid wave monsters that attack.

With this story, the whole world of Monster Hunter Rise games seemed to be inversely proportional to Monster Hunter World. The situation of this story makes the world of games more serious and a little darker. Surely this is their new step in providing a narrative that focuses more on conflict. Even so, there are still fun things and draw the style of the Monster Hunter game. So far the narrative is still the same as the previous game.

World Design That is More Alive and Atmospheric During the War

Different from Monster Hunter World that has a Western cultural theme of Steam-Punk, this time we will show you Asian themes and culture with magic. Various architectural designs and villages where you live will have a fairly thick Asian culture. An example is the presence of food types, armor forms, and weapons that Hunter uses. Not only that, the story they offer seems more serious about the conflict in the Monster Hunter World that focuses on the diversity of his world.

In this game, we will bring it to a more serious world than before. Given the village we always get the attacks of monsters, making sharing the structure of the building and the fortress of the settlement become damaged. Yep, this is what makes the atmosphere the horror of their war-era show. Some NPCs are not even silent in certain places. Some NPCs prepare fortress weapons to face subsequent monster attacks.

Monster Hunter Rise Gameplay with new play-style

Gameplay With New Play-Style Changes and Exploration Elements

Lots of things they change from this game gameplay. Even so, the way the player tracking monsters and Combat is still the same and does not have many changes. The first thing they add to this game is the mobility element that is now more increasing. Over the running of the Story, the player will get a skill named "Wirebug." Using this skill you can avoid all map obstacles. You can also use it for Attack Water Combat.

The way Wirebug works almost like a spider web on the Marvel Spiderman game. It's just that you can now use it to walk on vertical surfaces and combat against monsters. The presence of this skill is very useful for adding the character's mobility when exploration and fight the existing monsters. Of course, this is a plus for you who are bored by rolling to avoid large-sized monsters.

Still not satisfied with exploration? Calmly we can also drive a dog in this game to get around the folder quickly. But unfortunately, there was one thing they pulled out of the gameplay of Monster Hunter Rise. There are many things from the grinding elements in this game they are trying to support gameplay that focus more on the action. Even though the more serious grinding element is the main core Series, Monster Hunter.

Combat That is More Neat and Full of Strategies and Attendance of Addictive Mode

There isn't much combat mechanical change they gave in this game. It's just that we can feel that this version will be a little fast-pace than the previous game. Even though it has a combat system that is still the same. Still, there are many things they gave to this element, which we discussed, namely Wirebug that we can use during Combat. Meanwhile, there are still other things that are quite interesting they implemented this game. The following is an explanation of the Wyvern Riding feature.

The first thing that is quite prominent when Combat is the presence of a feature riding a monster (Wyvern Riding). It's true, if you doubt the enemy who has a deadly power, you can do other monster taming to make it fight. This feature can you access directly using wirebugs that you have. Almost every monster can you live in this game. But first of all, you have to have an item with the name Puppet Spider.

Next is the presence of new modes that are only present in the Monster Hunter Rise game. This mode has the name Rampage Mission. If you are curious, this mode is a defense tower mode. You will be joined in a hunter team to protect the village that will get tens of monsters. Yep, you can use a mounted gun and various weapons available on the village defense. This mode is perfect for you who want to enjoy the co-op.

Visual Performance That Never Disappoints

Given the Monster Hunter Rise has just been released on the Nintendo Switch platform, the visual they offer will certainly not be as good as a PC. Even so, Capcom can still handle some small dots that can improve the comfort of the gamers in enjoying this visual game. For you the Nintendo Switch users, my Monster Hunter Rise doesn't have any problems in FPS. You can have freedom when playing docking or portable.

Not only that, but Capcom can also reduce the long loading time in the previous game. At present, Monster Hunter Rise can overcome the limit of load time when Respawn Combat, Fast Travel, to Main Menu. Another positive thing we get is the latest Capcom game. Hopefully later for the PC version can apply the same thing especially for loading time.

Monster Hunter Rise Visual performance that never disappoints


One more step from Capcom in developing their games. Not only fun for us to play, but Monster Hunter Rise can also provide many changes from the previous series. Although it had reduced some grinding elements which had become a characteristic of Monster Hunter, they managed to replace them with mechanics that focus on the action. For those of you who want to find an exciting co-op game for Nintendo Switch, it is necessary to have this game.

The success of this game through its first platform certainly makes us can't wait to enjoy this game via a more powerful PC platform. Hopefully, in the future capcom can increase the visual game to be better but with lighter performance. In the meantime, we are still waiting for more about the latest expansion that hopefully is greater than the Monster Hunter Ice Born.

That's all our discussion about reviewing Monster Hunter Rise. For those of you who are interested, Monster Hunter Rise can you enjoy on the Nintendo Switch platform. For you PC users, you have to be patient again. Because this game can only be enjoyed on the PC platform in the upcoming 2022. Unfortunately, until now we also still don't know whether this game will be released for Playstation or not.