Monster Hunter Rise Translucent 7 Million Copies

Monster Hunter Rise Translucent 7 Million Copies

Franchise Monster Hunter first appeared a decade ago. In the period is long enough, the Monster Hunter has been present in various series and even has to get an adaptation of the big screen not long ago.

Monster Hunter Rise Translucent 7 Million Copies

Capcom as the owner of the franchise continues to make their strategy to the franchise. Starting from preparing a sequel, a spin-off, and much more. Speaking of which, this year they have launched Monster Hunter Rise.

Sales Of Monster Hunter Rise

In a short time, Monster Hunter Rise has been noted many fantastic achievements. One of which is the total sales of the recently Capcom announced. Be aware that the sale of Monster Hunter Rise has broken 7 million copies worldwide.

This amount since Monster Hunter Rise was released on March 26. Total sales of this version include the physical or digital. Capcom also would like to thank them for the enthusiasm of the fans to the game on this one.

Capcom Give A Gift To The Fans

Because of that, they will give a gift to the fans for the achievement of this fantastic. As a sign of thanks, they give players a specialized Kamura Pack 3. You can get this prize after doing the latest update version of the game.

Kamura Pack 3:

  • Mega Potion x30
  • A Well-done Steak x20
  • Large Barrel Bomb x10
  • Mega Demondrug x5
  • Mega Armorskin x5

Monster Hunter Rise this year when you play for the Nintendo Switch. Game one is scheduled to go to the PC in the year 2022 without an exact release date. What is the response you about this?.