Watch Dogs Legion showing off New Teaser For the DLC Aiden Pearce

Watch Dogs Legion showing off New Teaser For the DLC Aiden Pearce

It's been so long we don't get the latest information related to the game made by Ubisoft. Had to disappear for a moment from the surface during the year, Ubisoft is back again with a surprise new Watch Dogs Legion. This information is the presence of the DLC that they had promised. Right, at the end of Watch Dogs Legion rally Teaser Trailer for new DLC Aiden Pearce.

Watch Dogs Legion showing off New Teaser For the DLC Aiden Pearce

Legendary characters of Watch Dogs named Aiden Pearce indeed have already appeared in both the previous games. Become the main character of the first series of the Franchise, Aiden is always to get his place in the hearts of gamers. How not, differ from Marcus in the second series, Aiden prefers to work in solitude. Even the ability to solve the Code that he could have dropped a Mega Corporation.

Watch Dogs Legion Rally Teaser of the New DLC Aiden Pearce

After the events of the second series of the game, Aiden declared missing and never showed her again. But this time, Aiden finally back again through the Teaser Trailer that recently Ubisoft released through Social Media Twitter hers. As seen, Aiden is retired and lives in the city of Chicago. Now he returns to get the job of his named Jordi Chin.

At first, Aiden is not interested and wants to re-live like a normal person. But because he knew that his nephew is in great danger, now he returns to receive such offers. True, now he will not be alone, the members of DedSec will help Aiden in the conduct of the Operation large-scale to drop Albion using his Hacking skills.

Aiden Pearce and Wrench Will work?

Because recently appeared as a Teaser Trailer, we still do not know the content of what will be present in this DLC. Many gamers hoped that in the future, these DLC also brings a range of additional Missions are quite many. DLC gets the title “Blood Line” is not only presenting Aiden's course, but we will also meet again with the Iconic character named Wrench from Watch Dogs 2.

Continuing this, the DLC Blood Line will be release to Watch Dogs Legion at the beginning of July 2021. How according to you guys, if you guys are interested? If you want to try the game Watch Dogs Legion, you can access this game through the platform PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, Google Stadia, and PC. As usual, the PC user can buy the game through the Steam Store.