Diablo Immortal Mobile Review

Diablo Immortal Mobile Review

For those of you a fan of RPG games, you certainly know this cool game made by Blizzard. Just announced the existence of the fourth series and the Remaster version of the second. This time Blizzard is ready to present the game that has previously announced on the mobile platform in 2018. This time we get the opportunity to Review it first from the version of the Closed Alpha Game Diablo Immortal Mobile. Can this game be as good as the PC version?

Diablo Immortal Mobile Review

I still did not expect if this legendary franchise can enter the mobile platform. Of course, this is a considerable step for Blizzard in increasing the number of new fans. On this mobile version, it turns out that Blizzard provides a lot of small changes from the original version that is released on how many famous platforms. There are even some things that turned out to be an increase from the third series of this game. Here are some things we can get through this game.

5 Main Diablo Immortal Class and the Return of the Legendary Crusader

As usual, they will take us to class elections. 5 main classes turn out to be able to choose as you like without having to spend real money. But you need to remember that each class certainly has different skills and play styles. Different from the previous Alpha version, this time they present a new class called Crusader. The class was present at Diablo III.

Curious about what class can you use? Here is the list:

  • Barbarian: focusing on Melee, this one class is certainly suitable for those of you who are more concerned with defense. There are 3 skills you can use, namely Hammer of the Ancients, which serves to attack the enemy on the front side with high damage. While the second is Ancient Spear, you can use the enemy hook. For the last one is Whirlwind which makes your character spinning with an ax for a few seconds.
  • Crusader: The latest closed alpha class one will focus on Ballance Attack and Defense. His first skill was Based Shield, allowing players to throw shields and deal damage. The second is the Falling Sword which serves to deal damage using a magic sword from the air. While the third is Sweep Attack, which is to give damage to the radius attack using the sword.
  • Demon Hunter: Ranged Class with the first skill, Rain of Vengence, serves to shower enemy areas with arrows. The second is Darling Swing, useful for enemy attack stunt and dealing damage. The last-named knockback shock is useful for attacking enemies with high damage using Magic Arrow.
  • Monk: Class focuses on magical attacks with the first skill of dashing strike, to do dash and deal damage to the enemy affected by Dash. The second skill is Cyclone Strike, which serves to attract enemies closer to the character and gave the effect of Blast Damage Area. While the latter has the name Seven-Sided Strike, restoring high damage dash effects faster and more aggressively.
  • Wizard: both using Magic. Wizard's first skill is a meteor that serves to dealing damaged areas using large meteors. The second is teleport, of course, this one is useful to avoid the invasion of the enemy. The last is Lighting, making energy electricity and dealing damage to groups.

Diablo Immortal Gameplay which collects and presence of PVP mode

Diablo is indeed famous for its world full of action and adventure. Bringing the concept of the old game to the mobile platform might be the right thing for them to do this game. Lots of things you can do besides grinding and looking for new gear in the Immortal world. Has a pretty number of quests, they also offer multiplayer features that have indeed become the main weapon of this game.

Bounty Quest without stopping makes this game continue to live and always presents activities. Every day, this game will provide more than 20 daily quests that are always worth trying. Even though the rewards they offer on their mission are less attractive for those of you who want to rush to increase the level. Even so, the Bounty Quest is an attractive choice to provide additional activities especially if you play with friends.

Multiplayer Game Diablo is indeed famous for its exciting MMO co-op. But this time Blizzard seems to want to look different. Because now they give a new model that is quite interesting. This mode will focus on PVP multiplayer. Your task is to fight for ancient Immortal which is the main story of this game. Bring 16 players in one folder, we will be divided into 2 teams of 8 people. The concept is quite simple, you just need to struggle using the skills.

But the presence of this mode certainly affects the balancing of each class they provide. There are several classes that I think are less suitable for us to use when playing this mode, especially for those who have arrears damaged area. Not to mention the number of classes that slightly makes players forced to use classes that are already used by others. Hopefully, in the future, they can increase the number of classes and focus on balance.

Diablo Immortal Gameplay which collects and presence of PVP mode

Diverse items and super complete upgrade features

Continuing the gameplay they offer, now Blizzard also does not forget the Enchantment feature, upgrading gear and rank up. Of course, this makes Diablo Immortal have a diversity of play-style. A player can now collect gems and increase the buff on items. Not only that, the longer you use favorite items, the item can also rank up. Even the waste items you find can be useful for items that you use now.

There are many features related to freedom upgrades in this game, one of which is the Salvage feature. If you don't know, Salvage is a feature that allows Player to upgrade items that you use using waste items that you don't want. Still unsatisfied, they also give a skill tree for all the skills in each class. You are free to make upgrading or use legendary items that can increase your skills.

Like the appearance of the armor you get but don't like the ranks? Calm down first, this game offers Rank Rank items. This feature allows you to use the appearance of the previous item but still use the item stat that you just got it. This feature is perfect for players who are confused with the best stat or want the best look. Of course, the presence of this feature adds a plus value to us about your character customizes elements.

There are quite many items and gear that you can find in the Immortal world. What makes it interesting is everything turned out to be valuable. Although Kalain only gets weapons with a small stat, the weapon can take advantage of anything else. So you are free to choose and adapt to the character's play-style following the Weapon and the gear he wears.

Combat Control and UI layout that is convenient for us to use

Not many changes they offer on the combat aspect of this game, but of course, they managed to bring back the previous Combat concept on this latest platform version. Having a bubble controller layout like Mobile Game Mobile, Diablo Immortal managed to provide comfort in enjoying RPG games on this platform. You can easily control the character's mobility and make a combination of combo skills on the controller they design.

As we already know, the MMORPG game is indeed famous for its UI which often covers the screen. It seems like Blizzard himself is quite good at designing the UI in this game. Looks quite simple, but still compact and functional. Even so, UI on inventory is still less suitable for players that have a small Smart Phone sailing. Some UIs such as menus and mini maps are still quite difficult for you to use. But you can still set the size and place it through the menu.

World Design and Visual Performance that never failed to spoil the eyes

The atmosphere is beautiful and horrible it seems that they managed to bring back on this version. This is proven directly by the presence of various attractive biomes with the diversity of new monsters that have their respective capabilities. Not only that, some of the folders they gave have a characteristic like the Diablo II game, of course, this indirectly made this game giving a nostalgic sense of veteran player. Yep, of course, all of them wrapped up with an exciting story.

Various areas of course provide different quests. Each quest will force the players to plunge directly into certain dungeons. The concern is the existing dungeon has a different characteristic. Even though you have entered the same Dungeon many times it turns out that Diablo Immortal managed to provide a randomized dungeon system. So you won't get bored quickly to do grinding on the same location repeatedly.

Diablo Immortal is a mobile game, but do you know that the graphic texture and character model that he has in this game is better than the Diablo III version of the PC. This can you prove the Langusng from the visuals they display when you open the inventory menu, with a more shiny armor reflection, and thin scratches make the armor weak can look cool. Of course, this makes me more curious about the visual in the fourth game that will be released later.

World Design and Visual Performance

Is this game Pay to Win?

Most gamers dislike the mobile platform is the custom of the publishers and developers to provide a pay-to-win element. Luckily the game itself won't pay to win. Every time you can use it for free without having to buy it with the original money. There is no mission or quest at all and you have to open with money. The only way they get money from this game is the presence of battle pass which turned out to be quite reasonable but still a little.

Although the player does not buy the premium battle pass they also continue to provide legendary armor or weapon through a free battle pass. Several items that exist in the premium season as you can get through the game progress. So everything in this game will continue to focus on grinding and forever will continue so. Blizzard himself has promised not to give an element of Pay to Win in the future of this game. Of course, we can only hope that this is true.


Ame is very obliged to play what else for the player who wants to enjoy the sense of nostalgia playing this series. We can download it free to play just made this game quite interesting. Not to mention the content they offer as if it never runs out. Of course, this game can still develop larger there are several things that of course need to improve again, especially in PVP mode that is less balance and lacks class choices.

The beautiful visual and the atmosphere they managed to bring back was a good step to introduce this legendary series to mobile gamers. Not only that, the grinding element that was so strong managed to make gamers addicted and continued to want to strengthen the character. Meanwhile, many quest choices have different characteristics and you can enjoy them without any restrictions. Of all that is the most important thing is there is no Pay to Win element.

So many reviews from our Diablo Immortal game. Hopefully, with this review, you don't hesitate to try it. For you were interested, this game itself will release exclusively through the iOS and Android platforms. Unfortunately, this game itself still doesn't want to show the release date to the public. But according to news circulating, Blizzard will release it in 2021. So how do you think you are interested in trying it?