Wildermyth Review - Best RPG With Great Potential

Wildermyth Review - Best RPG With Great Potential

RPG is an interesting genre for all of us. People must know RPG through a variety of games, both from famous franchises or even from indie games. This time, ExGameSplay gets the opportunity to provide a review of the latest RPG game made by the Worldwalker Games, namely Wildermyth.

Wildermyth Review - Best RPG With Great Potential

Worldwalker Games is an Indie game studio based in Austin, Texas. Founded by Nate Austin and Anne Austin, this studio has more than 20 years of collective experience in the video game industry.

Wildermyth is the latest game made by Worldwalker Games which is a party-based Procedural Storytelling RPG. Initially, as a side project, the game finally became their main project. On June 15, 2021, Wildermyth officially released its launch on Steam.

For those of you who are interested in RPG games, there is some information that you need to know about Wildermyth. What are they?

Various Character Customization

Wildermyth has diverse character customization, where you can change the nature, physical, and character ability according to your wishes. Characters like true knights? You can make it. One character can be more romantic? Of course, I can. The point is that you are given the freedom to make a dream character in the game.

For those of you who don't really like this customization feature, Wildermyth has presented the "Randomize" feature and "Reroll All". "Randomize" serves to make one character randomly. While "Reroll All" is a "randomize" function but applied to all characters.

I don't like the total customization features of RPG games, I usually prefer to use the characters provided. I am very grateful that Wildermyth presents the "randomize" feature or "reroll all" because the feature helped me to make random characters without wasting time.

Amazing Procedural Stories

When I heard that Wildermyth had a procedural story, I was a little skeptical. Why? Because of my experience playing procedural games, the average game often repeats the same activity. After trying Wildermyth, I can breathe a sigh of relief that this game has an amazing procedural story.

You first will get the option to choose 5 main stories. After you choose one of these stories, you will be thrown into the story. Some stories will have diverse settlement times, and it depends on playing and the difficulties that you choose.

You can complete a story in a time below 10 hours, but you will pass some important features that are the main points of Wildermyth. I just finished the story "Age of Ulstyx" which takes around 3.5 hours. For me, it includes quite fast, but I also realized that there were many features that I hadn't touched.

Briefly, the story of "Age of Ulstyx" tells you (as a protagonist) in eradicating monsters and killing the strongest gorgon named Ulstyx. The story is divided into 3 chapters, with each chapter telling the experience of all characters in preparing themselves against Ulstyx.

You will also get a choice and answer every decision by running the consequences of the decision. It could be one of your characters to be evil and hurt your other characters. Maybe your characters can die permanently if you choose the wrong choice. Therefore, the storyline in Wildermyth is amazing.

The main purpose of Wildermyth is to deliver a deep story with procedural techniques. For those of you who don't like the story-telling game, Wildermyth might not match you. But for those of you who like the story of deep games, Wildermyth is the best choice and also includes recommendations from me.

Wildermyth Review - Addictive Turn-Based Fight

Addictive Turn-Based Fight

The first time you enter one of the stories, you will be given a tutorial on the mechanism and how to play from Wildermyth. In this game, there are 3 main classes, namely Warrior, Hunter, and Mystic.

  • Warrior is a class that uses swords and spears. Their ability is needed for the front row of your party. Having a lot of blood and pretty hard protection are some advantages of the Warrior.
  • Hunter is a class that uses arrows and other distance weapons. They are very strong in medium and distance fighting. The accuracy full of additional buff makes Hunter a scary class.
  • Mystic is a class that uses a wand. They were briefly referred to as magicians in Wildermyth, because they could use the property around them in surviving or attacking. Mystic is class support that can be the best character when you make it properly.

The fight will be carried out in a turn-based Tabletop type. The fight in Wildermyth also emphasizes teamwork and careful position positioning. You can kill the strongest enemy in a fight by utilizing this.

You will be able to imagine by looking at the environment in the battle while utilizing existing resources. Wildermyth also presents a "walling" and "flanking" mechanism, where you can take refuge and attack the enemy from behind.

Mystic has an interesting role in this fight because they have a "interfuse" mechanism. The mechanism helps you control resources around you, both from rocky walls, fire, clay, parasites, and so on to attack the enemy.

The battle is not too difficult to understand, but the more you approach the end of the story, the fight will be increasingly difficult. Therefore, teamwork and habituation in the position will be the advantages of you in Wildermyth.

Characters Can Retire & Have Children

The interesting thing and I just found inside Wildermyth is your character can choose to retire. Shocked? Of course. Wildermyth utilizes time-battle and lasts for years. Your characters can choose to retire if their age has reached a certain extent. So there is a while where you have to find a substitute character for old characters.

In Wildermyth, you can get additional characters by recruiting them in certain locations. In addition, you can get additional characters through your child. Yes, I'm not lying. You can use your child as the main character of your game.

Of course, the child is present not for the accident, choices in the story will determine whether your character can give birth to a child. If you have good character in romantic things, having a child is not something that is not difficult.

Wildermyth also pays attention to the relationship between each character, both from romance, family, and friendship. You could make enemies with other characters just because they choose a choice, but that makes wildermyth a very interesting game.

Can be Played Repeatedly

You have finished one of the Wildermyth and feel empty? Take it easy, worldwalker games ensure that for every new story you do, the story will not be the same as at first.

It is also the main goal of Wildermyth, you can play the game repeatedly without being bored with the story. Of course, RPG fans who like the profound story of a game will like wildermyth.

This procedural story is the drive from this game. With the existence of procedural stories, Wildermyth can present many new characters, new monsters, new maps, and new stories every time you play it.

Wildermyth Review - Can be Played Repeatedly

Imperfect Multiplayer Features

Multiplayer in Wildermyth will not be much different from the single-player. With the same gameplay, different things are you can play up to 5 people and work together to complete the story.

Maybe this is a personal reason I will comment on this game. I had tried the multiplayer feature, but I was not surprised because the multiplayer from Wildermyth itself was very quiet. The word "lonely" here is more meaningful that every server that online does not provide access to those who want to try it.

I could turn on my online server, but not necessarily people would dare to enter my server. This might be a problem for those who want to try multiplayer wildermyth randomly because most servers online are always locked.

If you want a multiplayer feature from Wildermyth remains crowded worldwalker games you should delete the "password" feature of online server manufacture. This is certainly to invite players to try multiplayer without feeling isolated.


Despite sliding as an indie studio, Worldwalker Games has successfully made Wildermyth an RPG game with a very deep story. The success is certainly assisted by their experience in the video game industry.

Profound character customization might attract the attention of fans who want to make their dreams. For those of you who don't think too long about this, they also provide features to make your character randomly.

Accompanied by amazing procedural stories, Wildermyth seems to be a pioneer of procedural games in the future later. This game has enormous potential and can compete with other class-class RPG games. Complex and magical fight, along with the use of turn-based has become an interesting addition of Wildermyth.

Worldwalker Games also offers an interactive UI with choices that have consequences at the end of the story. I am also fascinated by the age mechanism in Wilddermyth. The new RPG game should begin to implement this mechanism because age will be the latest factor of their games.

The thing I was a little disappointed with was the multiplayer feature of Wildermyth. Even though I was trying it, I am sure this feature can develop if they are active in managing the online server.

For those of you who like RPG games with very deep stories and want to try new things repeatedly, Wildermyth is the answer, this game is available for PC platforms and can be downloaded through Digital Steam Store.