Realme C25 Review - The Fastest and Tough in its Class

Realme C25 Review - The Fastest and Tough in its Class

A little flashback into the middle of last year, Realme first introduced a smartphone with the biggest battery in its class. A situation is more or less the same, repeated through the presence of C25 realm, the tough smartphone nan affordable this one.

Realme C25 Review - The Fastest and Tough in its Class

The realme of C25 is their latest smartphone which is all made maximum. In addition to battery capacity, the magnitude of its main camera megapixels is enhanced, plus a more powerful entry gaming chipset. Present in packaging is also familiar with other C Series realme lines.

To complete it all, also presented high-quality certification from TÜV Rheinland, which gave its advantage compared to its competitors. Intrigued by how strong the durability of realme C25? Here's the review.


When I call a familiar word, it doesn't mean this smartphone design is boring, at least in my eyes. For the size of the device at an affordable price, the display of C25 realme looks pretty good, using a striped texture that is not slippery and free of fingerprints.

Even though it has a very large battery, the dimensions are still relatively thin at 9.6mm with a weight of 209 grams, making it feel firm in hand. Besides the color of Water Gray, it is also presented with a brighter water blue option. Carrying the camera box module with a responsive fingerprint sensor typical of other realme devices.

This is a little surprising, Realme provides a transparent soft case in its sales package. An accessory, which, in my opinion, is rather futile. Because some people still like not to use it or customize the soft case, but realme still attention gives a soft case in the price of a beginner price.


To create a new standard in the entry class segment, Realme gives C25 realme to TÜV Rheinland to be tested for its durability. Testing TÜV Rheinland High Reliability is based on the cycle of using a smartphone for three years, there are many test scenarios carried out.

I also ventured to run some physical testing on this smartphone. Starting from dropping it four times from a height of 70 - 100cm on the surface of the floor and concrete, pouring it up with water from the upper body, leaving it on the freezer for 20 minutes until it rubs the back body and the front screen using coin money.

As a result? After the drop test, the C25 realm body corner only left a minor dent, it was only natural because the impact occurred on the concrete floor, as well as some very fine berets. Coins did not make the screen and the back body beret at all, while two other tests could still escape.

Three days after testing, the unit I use is still functioning normally from the screen, speaker, microphone, charger port, physical button until the camera. So don't need to worry if the test scenario above occurs accidentally (remember, don't be intentional, I test it so you can find out the results only).


Still the same as other C series, realm C25 carries a 6.5-inch mini-drop HD + screen with an IPS panel and Refresh Rate 60Hz. If only to carry a punch-hole camera or high refresh rate, it might be more fun to see and use.

The quality of the panel is quite good, saturation is quite high, only White Balance is a little cold or bluish (can be fixed through the settings menu, how come). The four corners of the screen have a little arch that makes the gesture from the end of the screen feel more comfortable and natural.

Not yet supported Widevine L1 for HD quality Netflix streaming. But the fun of the C25 realm screen is the support of the gesture to turn off and turn on the screen, just by tapping it twice.


Increasing from the previous series, Realme brought the main camera sensor 48MP f / 1.8 to realm C25. Utilizing binning pixel technology, four individual pixels are combined into a large pixel, aiming to produce 12MP photos brighter and with minimal noise.

The ultra-wide-angle sensor is absent on this smartphone, so the other two other sensors accompany are macro & black and white sensors, each 2MP f / 2.4. But my experience of taking photos with realm C25 is quite pleasant. Helped with the new version of UI Realm.

The design of the watermark is now more interesting with the realm logo in the middle of the bottom of the photo. Night filters like Cyberpunk can now be used without night mode, and users can snap 48MP photos if it is necessary (for cropping needs, for example).

Expert mode is still present to provide full control like ISO and Shutter Speed. There is a shortcut for Google Lens access, and edit buttons and share shortly after the photo was successfully taken. Accelerate ways to immediately share it with friends or social media.

The quality of the photo is also still okay even in indoor conditions with enough light, without evening mode though. But still, nightscape needs to be used if you want the Shadow section to look more flat and more detailed photos at night. The taking took 2 seconds, with an extra 2-3 seconds for the save process.

This is unfortunate, EIS is not yet present for HD & Full HD recording. While for digital enlargement, it can be up to 5x (& 10x in video mode). Let's hope that next year Realm will provide significant upgrades in the camera sector in the entry-level segment.

Realme C25 Review - Performance


Want to enjoy the experience of using the latest Android version and realme UI? Realme C25 has used Android 11 with the view of the UI 2.0 realm interface. It looks fresher, and what I like most is a special menu for personalized display, so it's more concise.

In addition to the theme and application icons, you can set the overall color scheme, fonts (with new options from Realm, "Real Choice"), until the button shape on the notification menu. If only, there was an option to display the Google News page on the Home Screen.

The screen record option (Screen Record) is also present default, with the ability to record sound systems. Not forgetting, the game space that can optimize hardware performance while playing games. Stop the notification so that it can focus on playing freely.


More powerful with the MediaTek Helio G70 chipset, making C25 realme convenient for the use of daily applications to playing games. Large batteries, playing games smoothly, certainly gave a pleasant experience, especially for young people.

The CIP uses the octa-core CPU architecture with 12nm fabrication. The CPU top speed using Cortex A75 with clock speed up to 2GHz and accompanied by a more power-efficient Cortex A55 at 1.7GHz. The antutu score also reached more than 200 thousand points.

When you first try out the pub's mobile, graphics show HD - High, while we can "drop" to balanced - ultra for higher frame rates. The lag I experienced was relatively minor, as well as the rear body temperature is quite awake.

Of course, it can't be separated from the capacity of 4GB of RAM, as well as the internal storage options available up to 128GB. Can still be added to a microSD card up to 256GB through a triple sim card slot design.

The presence of Android 11 is also a multitasking process. Besides the split-screen, there is a Floating Window & Mini Window option where you can run another application in a floating window. Can be moved or saved to the end of the screen for easy access.


Even though his chipset is more powerful, it is not the battery so it becomes more wasteful. Perhaps because it both carries 12nm fabrication and makes smartphone performance more smoothly, a 6,000 mAh battery in realm C25 still has phenomenal durability.

Standard usage can be up to three days, while for more intensive it can reach almost two days with a sot of up to 9 hours. Outside the house, with a battery, only 25-30% does not give a sense of worry to me. If necessary can activate the super power-saving mode.

For charging using 18W Fast Charging, starting from 6%, the first 30 minutes reached 25%. While two hours reach 81% and need an extra hour until it is fully charged. To be free from overcharge, there is an "Optimized Night Charging" feature that will learn the charging cycle while sleeping. The alias will be fully charged close to the wake-up clock.

C25 realme specifications

  • Type: SmartphoneScreen size: 6.5 inch
  • OS version: Android 11, Realme UI 2.0
  • CPU: MediaTek, Helio G70 (12 nm)
  • CPU speed: 2 GHz
  • Internal memory: 128 GB
  • RAM: 4 GB
  • External memory: microSD
  • Battery: Lithium Polymer 6000 mAh, Non-Removable
  • Screen resolution: IPS LCD, 480 nits (typ), 1600 x 720 Pixel
  • Network: 2G, 3G, 4G (LTE)
  • Camera: Back 48 MP + 2,2 MP + 2,2 MP, Front 8 MP
  • Dimensions size: 164.5 x 75.9 x 9.6 mm
  • Weight: 209 g
  • Other features: Fingerprint, Accelerometer, Proximity, Compass, Headphone Jack
  • Price: 123.84 (price depends on the place of purchase)


There are quite a lot of improvements brought by realm by offering this newest entry class smartphone. The better main camera, TÜV Rheinland's certified durability that has indeed been tested, and the experience of increasing use thanks to Realme UI 2.0.

With a price of $ 137.60 (price depends on the place of purchase), the realme of C25 can be the best choice for those of you who are looking for a complete smartphone plus hardiness. Exceptions When you search for other features such as ultra-wide cameras or stereo speaker setup. Back again, adjust to each other's needs.