Ultra Age Will Give a Sensation of Hack N 'Slash Ala Devil May Cry

Ultra Age Will Give a Sensation of Hack N 'Slash Ala Devil May Cry

If asked about what action-adventure game is very similar to Devil May Cry, especially the fifth series, maybe not many developers develop it. However, what if the Indie Developer tries it? This is what Dangen Entertainment did.

Ultra Age Will Give a Sensation of Hack N 'Slash Ala Devil May Cry

In Livestream Guirrella Collective, Indie Dangen Entertainment Developer Publisher announced the Ultra Age 3D Action Game that they will soon release this year. The Hack N 'Slash game shows the main character sword game which will remind the player in the Devil May Cry series. Some movements until their strength will be quite similar but at the same time, different and unique.

Ultra Age tells the world where resources can no longer be able to meet human needs due to falling meteors. Humanity is divided into two camps: Arc orbitals and shelter.

Arc orbitals are a group of people who go from the earth and form a space colony. While the Shelter is those who still survive on earth. The conflict began when The Shelter disconnected an arc orbital inventory.

The player will play a young man named Age down to earth with his flying Android, Helvis. He was assigned to find the key to humanity to survive.

Ultra Age is called going to have a lot of combo with a variety of sword choices at high speed. The game will also present a stylish action which is also one of the icons of Devil May Cry 5. No wonder if many combos are very similar to the Capcom game movement.

Until this article down, Dangen is still reluctant to provide more information regarding Ultra Age including the release date and platform. But they promised to immediately announce it soon.