HP Envy X360 Review - Offer Flexibility and Stylish Design

HP Envy X360 Review - Offer Flexibility and Stylish Design

Envy is a laptop line that Hewlett-Packard introduces almost a decade ago as the successor to Voodoo Envy and is formulated as their top-end variant. That means, the company from Palo Alto seeks to ensure Envy family members carry the best design and be equipped with cutting-edge hardware. But there is something unique in the latest Convertible HP Envy model.

HP Envy X360 Review - Offer Flexibility and Stylish Design

So far the high-end laptops are difficult to separate from the series of hardware offerings of Intel and Nvidia. But an attractive transition is happening. Slowly, AMD technology began to be adopted by the premium variant, from the starting gaming specialist products to ultra-thin models. One is the HP Envy X360 2019. This device has a 'shape change' body structure that allows us to use it in different modes.

Another interesting thing from Envy X360 is, HP is not half-hearted in presenting its sales package. The manufacturer understands that to maximize the benefits of a convertible notebook, they need to ensure users get the freedom of interacting. Through the article on this review, I tried to explain complete advantages and disadvantages, as well as the unique features offered.

Initial impression

The ENVY X360 Convertible is packed in a black wrap, along with power, adapter, and USB hub cable. Don't rush when you dismantled, because you can make a mistake I did: past the important accessory that Hewlett-Packard Include there, the digital pen. To work, Stylus needs an AAAA battery. Please note that the Envy X360 does not have a stylus storage slot, so don't let you get rid of it.


Envy X360 presents a 13.3-inch touch screen in IPS BrightView WLED type. This panel serves full-HD resolution and can read gestures and some different touchpoints. Manufacturers cut the bezel area on the right and left sides so that the body area is smaller. And because there is still enough space, Hewlett-Packard puts the webcam normally on display.

The unit I get wrapped in dark gray is close to black. The body construction is made of aluminum with dimensions of 30.67 × 21.46 × 1.49-centimeters. The thickness of under 1.5cm of course entering Envy X360 in the ultra-thin laptop category. From the Fact Sheet that HP Send, Envy X360 seems to be offered in several color options. But I prefer dark colors like this. Combined with the new HP logo on the backside, the laptop looks simple and elegant.

This ultra-thin notebook is equipped with a pair of hinges that allow the screen to rotate as far as 360 degrees, invite us to access standard laptop modes, tents, inverse displays, and tablets. The hinges hold body parts and display closely - easily driven but quite rigid in maintaining their position. When LID is opened, you are presented by the type without numerical pad that is illuminated by the LED backlight, a rectangular touchpad, and the speaker grille near the screen.

Not only that. Look carefully at the right zone under Palm Rest, and you will find a fingerprint scanner sensor. Then please touch the right side of the laptop. Next to the USB Type-A port, Type-C, and a microSD card slot, the HP puts a small switch to deactivate the webcam physically - so you no longer need to worry about privacy problems. Talking about connectivity, the USB dongle accessory adds a slot in the form of HDMI and a USB type-C again.

HP Envy X360 Review - Design

Experience of use

Thanks to minimalist volume and lightweight (only 1.3kg), the HP Envy X360 is ready to be a colleague when and anywhere. For almost a month, he replaced my ultra-thin laptop role. And when exchanged, the difference weighing a twenty gram turned out to be quite felt - especially when working I often carry cameras and books. His slender body also made it easier to tuck in a bag.

As a remote worker, I prefer a 13-inch laptop to a 14-inch sailing variant up. A thin body is also an important consideration considering this aspect greatly affects mobility. And because typing is my daily food, at least three other important factors become a dose in assessing the quality of work supporting notebooks: screen quality, input system, and hardware performance.


For a premium product, many users might expect that the HP Envy X360 has a screen resolution above average. The 'only' notebook carries the 1920x1080p display. It did not matter with the selection of this resolution, considering the panel was only an area of 13.3-inches. The size is ideal for me to keep the text (and picture) still look sharp.

By utilizing the type of IPS BrightView WLED, the HP ENVY X360 screen is capable of presenting a vast viewing angle. There is no color change in the display even when you see it from the side corner or above. The screen has a high maximum brightness level (sometimes I have to lower it if it works at night) and its ability to reproduce colors is also accurate.

HP provides a display with a layer of corning gorilla glass NBT to make it resistant to scratches - either when you interact via fingers or stylus. The slight side effect is that the activities of working outdoors have the potential to be disturbed due to reflection/shadows, then the screen also must be often cleaned because the glossy surface is the friend of oil and former fingerprints.


I had discussed above, the HP Envy X360 offered several interaction methods: through the keyboard and touchpad, via touch screen, or using the available stylus directly on the panel.


The laptop serves as a keyboard with a keycap chiclet, has a length and width of 1.5-centimeters on important keys such as numbers and letters. The distance of the key-travel is quite short, which confirms that this keyboard is prioritized for typing needs. His experience so far is very pleasant. His profile is tender but sturdy, then the resistance is consistent. The distance between the button is right, then the layout is familiar so that the opportunity is typed in a small stay.

White LED backlight there is useful when you have to work in a room with dim lighting. The LED will turn off automatically when the keyboard is not used. If it is forced to find a weakness gap, maybe the lack of thing I like is, a few buttons emit the squeak when pressed - of course, this is not a big problem.

Touchpad & Wrist Rest

The HP Envy X360 features an 11 × 5.5-centimeter touchpad. This component is positioned right in the middle of the Wrist Rest, it is possible because of the absence of a numerical pad. The touchPad is placed slightly lower than the Palm Rest area and has a fine Doff texture similar to the surface of the laptop body. He could read the touch with quite precision, but his response was slightly below my expectations. Next, HP hides the two main buttons in the Touchpad down zone.

Touch screen

Not only does it smoke navigation, but the touchscreen multi-point system on the HP Envy X360 also helps me at work because the transition between application windows or the browser tab is more simple. Like a smartphone, I only just do a top-down swipe to use the scroll up or down function.

The experience of using a touch screen on a laptop is not free of constraints. It may be due to the update of Windows 10 which is ongoing, swiping instead brought me to another App window. Fortunately, this problem has been resolved now and the HP Envy X360 has returned to work normally.

Digital pen on the touchscreen

For people who like to scribble like me, a combination of digital pens, touch screens, and Windows Ink are their blessings. Thanks to the combination of all the elements, the Stylus and the HP ENVY X360 screen can simulate how the stationery/image works. The panel can respond to any scratch differently when we press the pen or cross lightly. In addition, the system can also distinguish parts with a stylus when you are cooling drawing.

Stylus's performance is quite good, but I prefer the performance of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 because it is more accurate and responsive. It's not often, but some of the stylus scratches on the Display of the HP Envy X360 are not detected precisely, sometimes it is not legible or even too concentrated. In addition, I need to get used to the 'slippery' tip of the pen when it touches the glossy surface.


Here is a list of hardware and software specifications carried by this review unit:

  • Operating System: Windows 10 Home
  • Processor: Quad-core AMD Ryzen™ 3 4300U 14nm
  • Chip Graphics: AMD Radeon Vega 10
  • RAM: 8GB dual-channel
  • Motherboard: 85de cellphone
  • Storage: Solid-State Drive Samsung 512GB

Hewlett-Packard provides two configuration options envy x360. The more high-end model is armed with the Ryzen 7 3700U processor and 16GB of RAM. The hardware composition of the 'standard variant' itself is more than enough if you need a portable computing device to work while enjoying the film. I did not install the game on a laptop, but I was pretty sure of the capabilities of Envy X360 handling popular Indie 2D games such as Celeste, Stardew Valley, or Dead Cells.

HP Envy X360 Review - Experience of use

HP ENVY X360 Specifications:

Type Notebook
Processor AMD Ryzen™ 3 4300U (2.7 GHz, up to 3.8 GHz, 2 MB L2 cache, 4 cores) + AMD Radeon™ Graphics + 8 GB Memory
OS Windows 10
Graphic Card AMD Radeon RX Vega 10 Graphics
Storage 512GB
Audio Dual speakers
Battery 4-cell, 53.2 Wh Li-ion, 45 W AC power adapter
Screen 13.3 inches
Connectivity HDMI , Bluetooth , Card Reader, Speakers , Microphone , Trackpad , USB Type-C , USB3.1
Webcam Camera
IO Ports 1 USB 3.2 Gen 2 Type-C™ (10 Gb/s signaling rate, Power Delivery 3.0, HDMI 2.0, DisplayPort™ 1.4, HP Sleep and Charge); 1 USB 3.2 Gen 1 Type-A (5 Gb/s signaling rate, HP Sleep and Charge); 1 headphone/microphone combo[19]
Weight 1.3 kg
Dimensions 30.67 x 21.46 x 1.49 cm
Keyboard -
Software McAfee LiveSafe™ 30-day trial offer (Internet access required. First 30 days included. Subscription required for live updates afterwards.)
Price $749.99 (Price depends on the place of purchase)


It is adopted by Ryzen (and AMD technology in general) by Portable Premium computing products marking the start of the interesting transition period. His blessings, high-end laptops can now be easier to reach audiences. This condition also forces AMD's main competitors to get out of their comfort zone and offer no less attractive to consumers. The presence of the AMD chip at Envy X360 is good news for everyone.

See it as a whole, the HP Envy x360 is an ultra-thin notebook with a very wide potential usage scenario. He is ready to be your co-worker, content creation container, as well as a qualified entertainment platform thanks to the support of different usage modes. This laptop presents an elegantly simple design, then the portability factor is also no lesser. I don't hesitate to recommend it to anyone who wants a premium notebook with a capital of around $749.99 (Price depends on the place of purchase).

But there are still many aspects that block the Envy x360 to be the 'Ultimate' solution. For me the coordination between the touch screen and the stylus should be better, then I don't recommend buying it if you intend to spend a lot of time playing games because the 3D graphics performance is not too satisfying.

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