The Initial Explanation of all Classes in the Biomutant Game

The Initial Explanation of all Classes in the Biomutant Game

The game we will discuss this time is an Action-RPG genre game where you can play a character from each of his classes to live stories. Each class has their respective advantages. From those who have very far shooting distances, a very sick shot to a very strong slash. Depends on each player's gameplay.

The Initial Explanation of all Classes in the Biomutant Game

In the Biomutant game, you can choose 6 types of classes with their respective advantages. They can develop skills, level up, and many others as the game runs. It would be better if you know the advantages and disadvantages of each class before choosing it. Here is the initial explanation of all classes in the Biomutant game.

Class Mercenary

Mercenary was described as a swordsman who was very well trained and mastered the art of playing. This is a class that is suitable for you Melee Weapon fans (close range weapons). The most striking initial statistics of this class are Critical Damage. He has a higher chance to give Critical Hit to the enemy. HP (Health Points) obtained at the beginning of playing games as many as 1458, this is a little more than other classes. He can also use 2 melee weapons (one hand) simultaneously. And the damage given when using Melee Weapon will be 10% greater.

Class Dead-Eye

Dead-Eye is a cunning and skilled criminal who chooses life outside the law and the value of society. This is suitable for those of you who are getting bored in using weapons. He was given a large sword held by two hands. The initial advantage of this character is that he has a large cellphone from other classes, namely 1924 hp. When Dead-Eye uses a remote weapon, he will be given strength to be able to fill the bullet directly and give 20% greater damage afterwards.

Class Commando

Commando is described with the character of special special elite forces. He is more experienced fighting in a small group. It's suitable for those of you who like to use remote weapons. Because his expertise is to provide more than 10% damage when using a ranged weapon. But it's not just 10% Brott. The initial damage given by Commando remote weapons was very painful. With only 1 slot magazine, he can reduce 3/4 hp from the mini boss. The Health Points they have at the beginning of the game are also the biggest of the entire class, namely 1974 points.

What else is less than class Commando? Never mind having a very sick damage, a big cellphone and a distant fire range. But, of course this class also has weaknesses too, brott. He would be trouble when invited to fight using Melee Weapon. Capitalized with a very small melee weapon, he only has a little combo when using it.

Psi-Freak Class

PS-freak is described as a person who experimented about psychokenesis and mutations. He is a man who is ostracized in society. This is a class that is suitable for you lovers fighting with Mage (magician). He will be able to remove lightning balls to attack enemies with great damage. And the regen energy that he has is 20% greater than other classes. As usual, the shortcomings of Mage-type class like this are having low Health Points (HP). At the beginning of the game you only have 1374 hp. So you must be able to estimate the distance to attack the enemy.

Saboteur Class

Saboteur is described as a character of a cunning and skilled explorer trained to operate secretly in the suburbs and wilderness. Like an assassin in a RPG game, he was given agility to avoid his opponent's attack. He can also use two weapons one hand at once. It's suitable for you lovers of agile characters and Melee Weapon combo which is very much. He was also given fast attack speed and very high damage. However, Saboteur has a very low cellphone of 1374 points.

Sentinel Class

Sentinel is described with someone who dedicates himself to protect his house. Their dedication is for the organization as a whole, including the highest confidence in their Dogma. He has advantages by having a high armor. Even though it has a lace cellphone, but he won't receive a big damage when attacked by opponents. Weapons used like long battles with iron around them. It's suitable for those of you who like blunt weapons to attack your opponent. With a high armor, and damage that hurts he will be able to survive against many enemies at once.

That's the initial explanation of all classes in the Biomutant game. Hopefully it can be useful for you before starting an adventure in the game.