Biomutant Review - Friendly Beautiful Without Life

Biomutant Review - Friendly Beautiful Without Life

This long long wait was finally paid. THQ Nordic finally released his first ambitious game in 2021. As we already know, THQ is indeed quite large in the RPG genre game industry. On our occasion this time, we will provide a simple review of the latest RPG games from those named Biomutant. How does it happen, what is under the expectations of the players?

Biomutant Review - Friendly Beautiful Without Life

They announced in 2018 ago, this Biomutant game has experienced a long enough delay. Even so, during the delay, this one game provides a lot of information about many things. When it was released, this game turned out to get a mixed review of international media. But still, THQ Nordic's game will continue to get the number of players quite high.

The combination of Devil My Cry and Zelda Breath of the Wild seems to be a word that is very suitable to describe this one game. Have a broad open-world map and raise the theme of post-apocalyptic RPG, Biomutant also has the uniqueness of the art style that we rarely meet. How not, we will play as a cat who has a variety of deadly combat capabilities.

Changing character design can affect capabilities

When you enter this game, the player is required to form the appearance of the main character. But you need to remember, that everything you will change to the character will change the status of the ability. An example is if you want to focus on the character's agility, then the body he has will be lean and reduces the existing charisma.

Some players are disturbed by a system like this, but you can avoid it if you have played for a long time. This game itself presents variously armored with different capabilities and designs that are quite interesting. So not only adding other abilities, but the armor can also cover the shortcomings of the character design you make.

Freedom of customization

The positive thing that can't attract my attention is certainly a variety of very complete customization elements. Players can customize up to small parts of the object we have. For example, the gun we use. The player can change scope, ammo, suppressor, to trigger from the gun. Not only has the effect of buff, but we can also choose the color we like.

This also applies to the sword we use. You can even choose the handle of the sword you have and attractive color choices. For gear and armor affairs, this is certainly the same as cool. Helmets, clothing, armor, and shoes can you design them at will. But you need to remember it also that every part must you craft from various scrap that we find when exploration.

Still not satisfied with the customization of Weapon and Gear? Quiet, still there again. We can also change the race from the character we use. There are a total of 6 races that you can choose from. The color of the hair, body size, and head can be set according to the player's wishes. But for this one, it will affect the statistics of the stat and mutations that you have. So you must be wiser.

5 classes with different abilities

There are 5 classes that you can choose from in this game. Every character has mass abilities and skills. Not only the weapons are different, but your characters also have special abilities that are not even in the other class. What kind of curiosity? Here is the list.

  • Dead-Eye: The first class has the name Dead-Eye. This one class first appeared in the game trailer. Focusing on Closed Combat Shooter, Dead-Eye will have a special ability in the form of reloading automatically and adds 20% damage every time you do reload.
  • Commando: As the name implies, this class will focus on the Ranged Shooter with its unique abilities that can add 20% damage if it attacks from distance.
  • PSI-freak: It's quite strange if this one class turns out to focus on Magic. With his abilities, you can throw an electric ball towards the enemy and every you regenerate Ki-Energy, your character will add 20% Attack Speed.
  • Saboteur: Well this one focuses on Dodge and speed. Your character will have the ability in the form of Rapid Dodge against the enemy. Not only that, every time you hit, the character will increase per-attack damage.
  • Sentinel: The latter is a class that focuses on the tank. As the name suggests, the ability he has is increasing the 10% armor he has.

Considering this game is not a multiplayer game, we can say the class is quite balanced. This is certainly quite reasonable because it can only affect the character's strength significantly Weapon and Armor that you have upgraded. Meanwhile, there is another class named Mercenary which only appears when you do the pre-order game.

Interesting story of confusing protection

Honestly, the story of this game has a lot in common with the Mario photo game made by Nintendo. You will play as a small cat that has the ambition to save the world affected by a terrible poison outbreak. For this reason, the main character without this name must protect the Tree of Life located in the center of the world. For his aim to achieve he finally chose to join one of the many existing Tribes.

Biomutant Review - Interesting story of confusing protection

Over the story, the main character will get various memories of his past and the family he has. From here we know that who is responsible for the chaos in the world of the game. From both fractions, both have one goal, namely to maintain the balance of the world. But only the ideology is different.

But this interesting story is quite boring if it is delivered by being read by a third person. All characters and NPCs in this game speak an animal language which of course we don't understand. To avoid this thing THQ decided to vote narrator. The narrator has a unique humor sensation but sometimes interferes with seriousness in the game story he brings.

The devotion of the story in this way causes confusion that is quite disturbing for the players who want to focus on the story. In my opinion, it should be to make various characters of this game having voice actors and reduce humor elements that are too excessive. If it really can't, I don't think it's a problem if this game doesn't need to read the narrator.

Have a branched story?

The presence of branching stories and disturbing narrators making stories in this game more confusing. But the intention of THQ to give stories with the effect of butterflies we should appreciate first. At the beginning of this game, the player directly deals with a special option to choose the storyline. We will meet 2 small and white small spirits. Black is the dark side of the character, while white is otherwise.

From the beginning, we have been told that this game will have a moral option for the players. Do you want evil or good? Yep, it depends on your choice. Every choice you choose will end the same ending. But some things will still change like the loss of characters that you have killed or get the help of other characters that you have helped.

Not only that, Tribe, which you choose can affect the process of developing stories (although the ending will be equal). This is certainly quite interesting and reminds me of the Far Cry 4 game made by Ubisoft which both presented 2 conflicting characters in the ideology he had.

Unique Combat Mechanics and Combinations of Button for Combo

If you have played the previous Devil My Cry game, maybe you will be quite familiar with the Combat of this game. Absolutely, in this game, the character apparently can use 2 weapons namely a gun and sword. The weapons that you use can change at any time depending on the loot you get. The hack-and-slash mechanics they provide are quite comfortable complete with a cool combination combo.

In addition to fighting on the ground, your characters can also use a variety of strange combat vehicles. For example, just mech, the octopus submarine, and robot hands. Take it easy, even though the vehicle is strong enough, they have designed the enemies in this game to be stronger than before. Not to mention various bosses suddenly appear and attack you while doing exploration.

Even though the Combat tutorial they gave was quite complete, but the learning seemed quite long. Of course, this is very disturbing to the game, especially for those of you who want to go directly to do combat with sufficient knowledge. Some of the tutorials are given in hand in hand with the story in this game, so if you do skip the tutorial, there will be a little story narrative that is missing.

Beautiful world and unlimited exploration

The world of Biomutant games is amazing and can pamper your eyes. The variety of environments they design form their beauty even though the post-apocalyptic world set. There is various biome present in this game. The biome can be dangerous and can have a positive impact on the main character. Every Town that we find in Biomutant world biome also has a different culture.

But unfortunately, this extensive map is quiet with life. Some NPCs passing by can't be found in the world of this game. You can only find NPCs both in the town. The wild nature of Biomutant only raises various enemies with different class levels. Indeed, sometimes, there is also resistance from the faction who clashes with each other. But this is quite rare for us to find.

Talking about exploration, Biomutant seems to have enough attention. As we have said before, exploration of this game is more or less like the Zelda Breath of the Wild game. Your characters can climb, swim, use paragliders, and drive animals. But what makes this game different is a unique exploration vehicle, for example, air balloons, boats, and balls that can bounce.

Biomutant Review - Beautiful world

Diversity of enemies and challenging combat patterns

The affairs of diversity and design character, Biomutant is indeed very good at. Not only gives us various character customizations, but this game also provides various types of varying enemies. There are various enemy classes in this game that have interesting designs. You can meet with complete armed turtles, big robots, until three-headed monsters.

Every boss in this game has a different way of attacking. The pattern to defeat him is quite diverse. Players are required to memorize various enemy movements and take the right moments to attack. This is what reminds us of the Devil My Cry game made by Capcom. Not only boss, but even small-sized enemies also have this diversity.


Strategic combat, a beautiful world, and freedom of customization are the main weapons of Biomutant to provide games with thick RPG elements. This game is amazing for those of you who want to focus on combat full of calculations. Not to mention, there are many interesting things we can get from the game. As far as my experience plays, this game is certainly worthy of us trying first.

For those of you who are more focused on the complex RPG style, it looks like Biomutant is not the right choice for you. Various character and beautiful world designs are certainly very interesting to calm our minds for a moment. But the world they offer is still lacking content and no interactive element. Hopefully in the future THQ can straighten this in his next game.

It's just a review of us about cool Biomutant games from THQ Nordic. How do you think you are interested in saving the world from a deadly poison outbreak? For this reason, the Biomutant game has been released and you can access it via PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, and Switch platforms. For PC users, this game can you buy through the Digital Steam Store platform. Good luck!