4 Easy Ways to Record Internal Android Audio Without Root

4 Easy Ways to Record Internal Android Audio Without Root

Produce good quality Youtube videos is a necessity for creators, especially for the creator of gaming content to be comfortable watched and can entertain and get subscribers or customers. Of course one of the good video quality is its clear audio quality other than its video resolution.

4 Easy Ways to Record  Android Internal Sound

For YouTuber Gaming Recording Internal Audio or Game Voice is an important point in the video to be made because so the audience will also feel the excitement in the game played by the video maker. Well for you who are confused about how to be a gaming YouTuber who can record the internal audio it is very easy the answer. They record their games with a PC or computer so that internal sound can be recorded easily regardless of the Windows version.

Well different from Android. Starting from the Android 7 version and so on, Android has "forbid" to record internal audio, the reason I don't know. And for those of you who want to try to become a YouTuber gaming with Android capital, here I will give a tutorial on how to record internal audio without root. Some ways use root but don't recommend because it means you have to root your cellphone and it's at risk.

If your Android is still version 6 or Marshmallow to ignore this method. Because this way is only for Android version 7 / Nougat and above.

1. Use a Xiaomi smartphone

Why should Xiaomi? Xiaomi has a default screen recording application that can record internal sound very clearly and clearly. To activate this feature, make sure your Xiaomi uses MUII version 9.6 and above. If it still feels like this feature is still not there.

If you want to use this method you have to prepare a minimum of Xiaomi Redmi Note Series like Note 5, Note 4, etc. For more and more good quality choices. And this method is only to record its internal audio, aka can not record your voices and internal audio together. If your smartphone is not Xiaomi, go to number 2.

2. Use the YouTube Gaming Application

What? YouTube Gaming? Can it be? If I can't post this way. Even though this is the application to watch video videos specifically gaming, Youtube Gaming provides features for streaming and recording screens (only special games). By using the game screen recording feature from YouTube Gaming automatically your voice and internal audio will be recorded. So it's suitable for this application for those who don't like a complicated recording.

3. Use a Samsung or LG smartphone

Samsung and LG smartphones are brands that are very supportive of the internal audio record even though the Android version has been 7 and above. How do I activate it? The way you just need to download the Mobizen application specifically for these two cellphones and activate the Audio Record and choose internally or inside.

I am also still surprised why only Samsung and LG support internal audio records on Mobizen. And it should be noted that this method cannot record your voices and internal audio simultaneously the same as the number 1 way.

4. Use PC hardware and software

Lastly, with some hardware, namely a laptop, active speaker, earphone/headset/headphones, splitter cable or cable for two branch audio, and your Android smartphone.

The method is as follows:

  • Prepare the Audacity application on the laptop.
  • Install the splitter cable on your smartphone.
  • Earphone / headset / headset / headphones you to the splitter cable.
  • Active speaker plugs into the one splitter cable hole. Make sure the speaker is active.
  • Look for a mic hole on a laptop. The usual mic hole is not far from the webcam laptop.
  • If you have found it, close the speaker to the mic laptop so that the results are better and clear. If you don't want noise, you can outsmart it by adding foam to a laptop mic. So the voice coming in will be filtered.
  • On the smartphone, open the screen Prekam Application and activate the Voice Record Option.
  • Click the button to record on Audacity.
  • And start recording on your smartphone. So your voice will be recorded through earphones/headsets/headphones you use, as well as internal audio from your smartphone will be recorded on a laptop through the speaker and mic from the laptop.
  • If it has finished turning off the two recorders.
  • Combine your videos. For Android Use Kinemaster. And for your PC you can use Filmora, Sony Vegas, Pro Premier DSB.
  • Finish.

Okay, it is on a little tutorial from me about how to record Android internal audio without root. Good luck and thank you for already read. Sorry if there is an error and leave a comment if there are questions or additional tips on this article.