How to Install the Latest .NET Framework Easily on Windows

How to Install the Latest .NET Framework Easily on Windows

Have you ever experienced something annoying like this?

  • Download many Giga Bite GAME, Even for days
  • Please worry about waiting for the Install to hope not Corrupt
  • When you run game appears an error needs the latest version of Net Framework

How to Install the Latest .NET Framework Easily on Windows

What's the net framework? and why some games or apps need a net framework?

Simple, Net Framework is a "base" that contains commands to execute a program, including games and apps. So, it's no wonder if a PC without a net framework can't run the app. Like a human without language, so it can't say.

Well, then you have a dizzy to think about the net framework then cancel playing games, you want to see the steps simple how to install the following net framework.

1. Open the Net Framework download page

The first thing you must do is open the download page net framework on the Microsoft website. Then click the most recent version now, version 4.8.

2. Select the installer type (online/offline)

After the Framework version link is clicked, the page will appear where you can choose the type of net framework.

If you want to install the version needed to run the application, then choose the runtime version. Here you can also choose the online and offline installer versions in the Advanced Downloads option below. We deliberately choose the offline version of this tutorial to anticipate you who want to install this net on a computer that does not connect to the internet network.

Determine your choice then click the link that says the upper runtime for the web / online installer and the bottom to the Offline Installer.

3. Wait for the download process until it's finished

After the link is clicked, this page will appear. Both online and offline versions will give you a .exe file that you will use to install the net framework.

The difference is, the file size of the online installer download is only about some megabytes while the offline version of the installer can be up to 100 MB. Even so, the online version of the installer will download the difference in the lack of the file when the installation process is running.

4. Open the installer file and do the install process

The next step is quite simple, the thing you need to do is open the downloaded file, then wait for the file extract process until it's finished.

Click "I have read and accepted the license terms" then click "Install"

The only difference in the online and offline installer versions will be in the box dialog above. The top progress bar will be displayed the file verification process in an offline installer, while the online version will display the progress download fewer files that have previously been called earlier.

The last step is waiting for the installation process until it's finished

Tadaa, Net Framework version 4.8 successfully installed on your PC!

So, that's how to install the net framework on your PC, it's very simple, right? Hopefully, your problem will be an app that can't work because this framework can be overcome ...

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