BOSS PlayStation Studios Affirms Company Commitment to Gamers in Japan

BOSS PlayStation Studios Affirms Company Commitment to Gamers in Japan

It has become a Sony target to reach an audience as wide as possible, but it is a little worrying fan in Japan if they will forget them, especially with Sony have closed Japan Studio and focus on their Western studios such as Naughty Dog, Sucker Punch, and IMSONIAC GAMES.

BOS PlayStation Studios Affirms Company Commitment to Gamers in Japan

The concern continues to be a serious problem until the BOSS from the Playstation Studios Hermen Hulst must make a direct statement. Through the Q & A session which has just been done by Hulst, they emphasize that Japan will remain the focus of the Playstation.

"Oh no, I want to emphasize that Japanese games and Japanese talents will remain very important for Playstation," said Hulst when one of the fans expressed his worries.

He then explained that there were still Japanese studios involved in the development of the First-Party Playstation game such as Digital Polyphony and also the Asobi team located in Tokyo. He also mentions that each of the games developed they always have "Japanese influence" and confine "DNA from Playstation".

With the development of games that are increasingly time-consuming and expensive funds in production, turning to focus on Western studios in hopes of reaching players globally to be understandable. But does it fully turn the focus of Japan which is the center of the company the best decision especially by closing well-known studios like Japan Studio?

On the good side is, Playstation is still the most trusted platform by Japanese Third-Party studio. So even though First-Party support began to fade, there were at least other studios that were not connected with Sony which could always provide a Japanese game experience for residents there or fans.

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