Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra Review - Fast Charging 120W in 23 minutes

Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra Review - Fast Charging 120W in 23 minutes

Until now, Xiaomi continues to strive to compete with the world's great competitors, including in providing a flagship smartphone. All means did, including providing premium devices with very impressive detain specifications.

Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra Review - Fast Charging 120W in 23 minutes

Around August 2020, Xiaomi launched one of its best smartphones, namely Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra by bringing a variety of flagship features, one of which is a 120W fast charging technology. The feature is one of the attractions because MI 10 Ultra uses the latest generation Turbo Charge MI, which supports 120W wired charging, 50W wireless charging, and 10W upside wireless charging.

In other words, Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra offers three fast charger options. This device supports three charging modes, namely filling double pumps, direct charging, and normal charging.

The technology connects two conversion efficiency pumps very high 98.5 percent which can reduce the amount of power lost during the conversion process and increase the efficiency of charging while preventing excessive heat and extending high charging time. While in terms of its adapter, which has a standard power of 120W, can charge up to 41 percent in just 5 minutes, and can reach 100 percent in just 23 minutes.

The ability of his photography is above average, some of the features will not be found on other smartphones. The more curious about the complete specifications of this premium smartphone? Calm down, ExgamesPlay.com has prepared a variety of reviews of this smartphone feature, specifically for you. Check out the discussion below!

Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra Design

In terms of design, the Super Premium Xiaomi Mi 10 ultra smartphone from the Mi 10 series is indeed made very unique. The first thing that will be the main focus of your assessment is the present model. The modern impression of Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra you can see in every detail of the cellphone body.

Xiaomi offers three color choices that you can consider when you want to have it. The elegant colors are Obsidian Black, Mercury Silver, and Transparent Edition. The three add the nuances of an unbeaten premium segment. The best smartphone dimensions of Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra are 162.4 x 75.1 x 9.5 mm weighing 221.8 grams.

The material used for Xiaomi Mi 10 ultra-aluminum frame. The camera arrangement on the back also quite displays a pretty neat impression. Xiaomi pinned the earpiece that was not visible to the naked eye, between the frames and glass screen. How extraordinary isn't it?

Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra Design

Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra screen

For the problem of the 10 ultra Xiaomi Mi Display, Xiaomi embeds a capacitive screen by utilizing the AMOLED panel. It aims to maximize the visual appearance of the Xiaomi Mi 10 ultra to be clearer than others.

As a premium smartphone, the Xiaomi MI 10 ultra screen has a size of 6.67 inches with a Full HD resolution + 1080 x 2340 pixels. Clarity from the appearance of the sharpness of the image produced proportionally does not need to be doubted. What's more interesting than that, the 10 ultra Xiaomi MI display has also been equipped with HDR10 + quality and a 120Hz refresh rate. With that feature, graphic renders become more maximal, responsive, and tactical.

Of course, the display of images and high-resolution videos can be aired very nicely on the best smart mobile devices Xiaomi MI 10 Ultra. Oh yeah, you don't need to worry about the problem of amazing screen protection from this premium smartphone. Because, Xiaomi MI 10 Ultra has been coated with the default protector of the Corning Gorilla Glass 5 factory, which can maintain your cellphone from accidental scratches and sharp objects.

Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra Camera

Not just a design and screen, the technology used on the Xiaomi Mi 10 ultra camera is also no less sophisticated. Camera sensors embedded with flexible and functional lenses. On the back of the Xiaomi Mi 10 ultra-premium smartphone is equipped with the Quad Camera feature.

Each of the cameras has an advantage that is no less charming. The main camera uses a widely 48MP resolution, which is equipped with PDAF, Laser AF, and OIS. The camera also supports video recording methods up to 8K. Not surprisingly if the video recording results are very smooth and display the impression of cinematic right? Then, the secondary camera Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra is equipped with a periscope lens telephoto 48MP resolution, accompanied by the ability of 5x optical zoom and hybrid zoom up to 120x which is amazing.

For two other sensors, Xiaomi pinned a 12MP resolution telephoto sensor and a 20MP ultrawide lens. For photographic needs to be increasingly stunning and maximal in all light conditions, the rear camera Xiaomi MI 10 Ultra is also supported by the Dual LED Flash feature. While the front camera is equipped with a 20MP lens resolution and has supported the Gyro-EIS feature. These features can make video recording using the front camera becomes increasingly stable. Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra is one of the premium smartphones with the best camera in the world right now?

Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra Battery

Components that are not less amazed from the Xiaomi Mi 10 ultra device, the battery. In general, batteries on mobile phones have important functions, because they participate in maximizing the performance produced.

Xiaomi won't miss the details of it as important as and pinning features that can make the capability of Xiaomi MI 10 Ultra battery power to be more resilient. The type of battery used on this premium smartphone is Li-Po (Lithium Polymer), which is believed to be more effective and efficient in supplying power.

The battery capacity given to Xiaomi MI 10 Ultra is 4,500 mAh. Including large, although entry-level cellphones today have a much larger battery capacity. The battery life can still be relied on in everyday activities, but it needs to be realized that the 10 ultra Xiaomi MI battery is not the best in its class.

Even so, you don't need to panic, Xiaomi has prepared everything very well. The Xiaomi Mi 10 ultra-premium smartphone is also equipped with a 120W Fast Charging feature that is capable of charging up to 40% in just 5 minutes and can even reach 100 percent in just 23 extraordinary minutes right?

Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra Performance

How about the performance side generated by Xiaomi Mi 10 ultra? For the processor, Xiaomi pinned Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 Octa-Core Kyro 585, supported by GPU Adreno 650. The main advantage of the processor is to maximize gaming activity, photography, including AI (Artificial Intelligent).

In addition, the Snapdragon 865 chipset can also suppress the use of power consumption from a 10 ultra Xiaomi MI battery, from 16% more economical, and even up to 18% for its sensor's ability. The performance of the system owned is becoming increasingly stable, you can use it for multitasking activities very well.

The graphics section has also been provided with the desktop forward rendering feature, able to make gaming processing look more realistic on the Xiaomi MI 10 Ultra. The resulting image is increasingly smooth without any obstacles.

For its performance to be more maximal, Xiaomi MI 10 Ultra is offered in 3 choices of RAM and internal memory. You can choose it, according to your needs in everyday use. This premium smartphone uses the MIUI 12 operating system based on Android 10.

Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra Camera

Other features of Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra

The connectivity sector is no less important for a premium smartphone. Amazingly, Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra has been supported by 5G network connectivity. Your activity in social media and gaming becomes more smooth. In addition, such as other smartphone standards, the best smartphone Xiaomi MI 10 Ultra is also equipped with a navigation system, such as A-GPS, BDS, Glonass, QZss, and Galileo. The determination of the location is more accurate.

In addition, for data transfer, Xiaomi MI 10 Ultra is also equipped with Bluetooth connectivity, NFC, Infrared, USB Type-C, and USB on the Go. However, it is very unfortunate Xiaomi MI 10 Ultra does not have a 3.5 mm audio jack, like a flagship smartphone that is released this year. You need a headset with Bluetooth if you want to listen to music and gaming activities that are more fun.

Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra prices according to the performance produced

The best smartphone Xiaomi MI 10 Ultra is designed as a premium smart device. Specifications and features embedded are very feasible to make it the best smartphone at this time. Some of them have not yet been found on other smartphones. Amazing right?

At the latest price update at this time, the price is relatively high, until it touches $ 1120. Indeed, as a flagship-class cellphone, the price of the Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra is very reasonable. Given the specifications and performance of this best smartphone relatively very special. After several months of release, the price of this premium mobile device remains stable, even in some countries tends to be higher.

The specifications pinned on Xiaomi MI 10 Ultra are indeed not careless. Likewise with the features that this Chinese company provides very stunning details. In any way, it looks impressive, including the performance possessed, for photographic purposes and gaming is too impressive.

In daily activities, Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra can work very well to meet your digital needs. The designs offered include modern, with three color variants that you can choose. The capabilities of the camera owned are amazing, where some of its features will not be found on other smartphones today.

If you need a flagship cellphone with premium capabilities, of course, Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra is highly recommended for you to consider. The best smartphone Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra is very feasible to have at this time, even for the next few months. Each of the smart cellular products has advantages and disadvantages, including Xiaomi Mi 10 ultra. Premium smartphone Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra is very feasible for you to consider as one of your flagship smartphones for various activities. Especially, when you need a very good Flagship smartphone with complete specifications, amazing performance, stunning features, and impressive cameras for vlogging activities, the selling price segmentation around $ 1120. You can get Xiaomi MI 10 Ultra in your country's online market. Unfortunately, Xiaomi MI 10 Ultra was not officially present in all countries, because it was only devoted to the Chinese market.

Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra screen

Advantages and disadvantages of  Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra

Advantages :

  • Amazing AMOLED screen with refresh rate up to 120Hz, very bright, HDR10 + resolution
  • Build a cellphone with transparent glass is very unique and displays a charming impression
  • Equipped with 120W Fast Charging technology, reaching 40% in just 5 minutes and 100% within 26 minutes!
  • Including a 50W Fast Wireless Charging technology, it can reach 100% in 40 minutes! Amazingly right?
  • The only fastest cellphone today has supported the 5G network
  • The image quality produced is not playing games, it looks impressive
  • The only number of angles with the largest ultrawide camera is now available
  • The best portrait photo producer you have ever seen with 2x cameras
  • MIUI 12 displays are lovely and fun

Deficiency :

  • Not equipped with water protection, 3.5 mm audio jack, and microSD slot
  • The battery life is far from the inspiring word, unsatisfactory
  • Only available on the Chinese market, not sold globally

Specifications of Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra:

Type Smartphone , Phablet , Camera Phone , Bezel-less Phone
Screen size 6.67 inches
OS version Android 10, MIUI 12
CPU Qualcomm SM8250 Snapdragon 865 (7 nm+)
Octa-core Kryo 585
CPU speed 1x2.84 GHz Kryo 585 & 3x2.42 GHz Kryo 585 & 4x1.80 GHz Kryo 585
Internal memory 128GB, 256GB, 512GB
RAM 8GB, 12GB, 16GB
External memory No
Screen resolution FHD+ 1080 x 2340 pixels, AMOLED
120Hz refresh rate
Network 2G, 3G, 4G (LTE), 5G
Camera Back 48MP + 48MP + 12MP + 20MP
Front 20MP
Dimensions size 162.4 x 75.1 x 9.5 mm (6.39 x 2.96 x 0.37 in)
Weight 221.8 g (7.83 oz)
Other features Wi-Fi, Hotspot/Tethering, GPS, Bluetooth, Infrared, OIS, Flash, Fingerprint Scanner, NFC, Wireless Charging, Quad Cameras
Price $534.59 - $ 1120 (For now according to price updates in several Asian countries)