Pixel Games With Interesting Stories

Pixel Games With Interesting Stories

In the present, the pixel game is a description of how video games are made in the past. But it is different from that period, now developers make it with a much clearer visual display than Metal Slug or Pac Man because the number of pixels given to this game is more.

Pixel Games With Interesting Stories

The appearance of the boxes tends to make some gamers see it as old games, but the thing they call old school has actually been upgraded in such a way that getting better. Not only from visual, but also the frame-per-second is much better compared to other old school games.

If in the past pixel games only focus on simple and fun gameplay, then in the present he turns into one of the games with stories and music that can be juxtaposed with other AAA games out there.

In this article, I have summarized some lists pixel games that have interesting stories. What are the games? Let's just see.


Crosscode - Pixel Games With Interesting Stories

Even though it comes with a puzzle game that might make you feel frustrated, but Crosscode has a very interesting story to follow. The Action Hack N 'Slash game initially recounted a woman named Shizuka Sakai who struggled to save her brother, but it was very unfortunate after she found it, her brother died on her lap.

The story of the introduction then continued to a woman figure named Lea who lost his past memory. He was then told someone named Sergey Asimov who forced him to play MMORPG titled Crossworlds to restore his memory.

After getting this information, Lea was then attacked by someone named Blue Avatar who forced him to go to the game area, there Leafed with a player called Emilie and formed a guild named First Scholars. Can Lea re restore his memory? Is he the figure of Shizuka Sakai who was at the beginning of his story? If you are curious about the continuation of the LEA story, please try playing this game.

To the moon

To the moon - Pixel Games With Interesting Stories

But about a pair of doctors who tried to realize the last dream of his patient before he died, to the moon would bring you to the sad story of the heart of the patients. In accordance with the title, this game tells the desire of his patient to get to the moon.

You will play Dr. Eva Rosalene and Dr. Neil Watts to realize the dream of Johnny Wyles who wanted to the moon for no reason because he himself forgot. From here you will find out how Johnny's memory in the past with his wife who had gone first to the realm there and the promise of them both romantic, but also could make you feel the sadness of his story.

To the moon is a picture of the patient's story with uncontressive psychological diseases, but you can find it in every game conversation.


Undertale - Pixel Games With Interesting Stories

Undertale is probably one of the Isteng projects by Earthbound fans who are the phenomenon of the world thanks to music and the story because the music is very similar. Made by a music composer to Toby Fox and colleagues who helped him, Undertale told the story of a man who was stranded at underground, a world that became the residence of the monsters after being expelled from the world due to his fight against humans.

At the beginning of the story you will be introduced by flower characters named Flowey who teaches you the basis of the Undertale game to increase LV or Love by getting EXP by killing monsters.

When Flowey showed the original form and tried to take the soul of the child, he was saved by Toriel, a monster of the wine of the tangible goat who taught him to resolve the problem at Underground without killing. Toriel also tried to adopt humans and protect him from Asgore Dreemurr, the king at the Underground. In every battle you will deliver you on a different ending, in other words moral and your decision will be tested here.

The Lion's Song

The Lion's Song - Pixel Games With Interesting Stories

The Lion's Song is a collection of stories from various different characters than every episode. But there is a red thread that can unite all of his stories, namely that 90% of his main character is an artist. The rest is a mathematician.

In the first episode, the player will be introduced to a talented musician named Wilma who was later invited by a professor named Arthur Caban to play in Vienna. He persuaded Wilma that the young musician would be the main part of the future of a modern music.

The Lion's Song has a "Choice Matters" gameplay system that will determine the future of the characters. The game is now free at the Epic Games Store while you can enjoy the 1 episode for free in Steam.

Finding Paradise

Finding Paradise - Pixel Games With Interesting Stories

Delivered with a free prequel titled A Bird's Story, Finding Paradise is a sequel from To the Moon who again brings you on a sad story of patients who guarantee you will make your tears rebel. You still play Dr. Eva Rosalene and Dr. Neil Watts who are now assigned to realize the dream of Colin Reeds who during their lifetime have never found what he wants.

In the middle of the story you will find how Colin's memories in the past with his perfect life. He has a good family and extraordinary achievement. But he could not calm down because some of the things he finally found by the two doctors who were one of the causes was to question your morals.

Just like the first series, this game is telling how patients have psychological diseases which of course you have to find their own solutions by reading and following the story. Finding Paradise is a game that focuses on the story and a little about gameplay, I can't divulse it here because this is the main content.

Octopath Traveler

Octopath Traveler - Pixel Games With Interesting Stories

Octopath Traveler is the most beautiful pixel game ever made by Square-enix with Creator Developer Bravely default. The game tells eight heroes who will fulfill their own goals. You can determine anyone who will you approve with each interesting story and may not be imagined.

Not much can be told unless you choose one of the heroes that are your mainstay. Therion, for example, who had to be constrained in a contract after he tried to steal in a conglomerate house which in the end was actually trapping him. Make it necessarily carry out the task given to release the restraint.


Rakuen - Pixel Games With Interesting Stories

Rakuen is one game with another interesting story that might make you think a little because all the conclusion is finally at the end of the story. Made by one of the Developer partner who also made to the Moon and Finding Paradise, Laura Shigihara, the game tells a child who was being treated in a hospital accompanied by his mother.

To release the saturation in the hospital, his mother then told a story in the child's book titled Rakuen or if translated meant to mean heaven. In his book it was told a place called Rakuen which was guarded by Guardian of the Forest who could grant various requests.

His mother then explained that they would both be able to go to his world. The child was then interested because he wanted his desire to be realized by Guardian of the Forest. But before everything was realized, he had to complete various quests from various creatures in Rakuen.

The list of the games above is one proof that the pixel game or maybe some of you call it old school, it cannot be underestimated. That there are still many games similar to quality that might be much better than the game you have ever played so far. This proves that the graph is not everything.

There are still many other stories that we can tell here, but not the core of this article. You can enjoy a variety of interesting stories next by playing the game.

Hopefully this article can provide interesting and valuable information for your readers. Happy reading!!