Autonauts Review - Simple Graphics but Not Simple Gameplay

Autonauts Review - Simple Graphics but Not Simple Gameplay

A developer from Scotland successfully created an Autonauts game. This game includes indie games that carry themes such as Minecraft, Tycoon, and the like. It's not too new in theme, but this game will give you an experience that is quite different from other games. This game is present in Steam since mid-October. Maybe you could say this game is the first game from the developer of Scotland. Bringing graphics and soundtracks that can be said to be very cartoon. Without Chit Chat again let's look at a review of this game called Autonauts.

Autonauts Review - Simple Graphics but Not Simple Gameplay

You Are An Astronaut?

If you combine the titles that are very close to the word astronaut and each time you start the game you will ride a red rocket, maybe the main character is an astronaut. After reaching your destination you are an astronaut who has a goal to form a colony out there. A colony that will consist of various types.

After landing when you check the tutorial you will do a few tutorials that you have to follow to complete. After you are done you can do the tutorial again, but the tutorial here feels like the quests you are doing. After the tutorial or quest is complete, you will be rewarded with items that you can be crafting from Shirts and others.

Achievement Gives Lots of Prizes

This game has achievements that you can fulfill. Achievements vary, and in each achievement that you complete you will get a variety of items. From blueprints to clothes that you can wear. Besides, these achievements maybe a quest that you can complete if you want to have a goal in playing this game. Alias ​​this game is a very free game you can complete achievements or just want to form a very massive colony. But remember that achievement can give you a variety of gifts.

Robots and Raw Materials or Resources

As usual this kind of game requires a lot of raw materials to make something. And to make something further you need to build various kinds of other things. This game is just building and building. There are various kinds of raw materials themselves, all of which can be found in all corners of the world that you walk on, but are they limited?

In this game you can continue to recycle every ingredient. That becomes one of the advantages of this game, you can use up all of the raw materials, but you can also remake these ingredients. Each available resource requires a different tool to retrieve it. Like a tree need an ax, stones need a chisel and others, like harvest moon.

On the other hand, your work will be assisted by robots that you have made. These robots can become a worker to collect resources and others. He is your friend who can ease your work. Unlike the dwarves in the harvest moon that you can only tell you to arrange the work of the robot in such a way that it can be perfect, or following your work standards. Whether it's to collect raw materials, recycle even to make a tool.

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Not a Simple Casual Game

I hope that this game is a simple game like Tycoon or Harvest Moon. But what happens is that this game is very complicated. With a cute pixel art picture, this game feels complicated, because you must set everything to run smoothly without obstacles. This game needs tutorials, accuracy and so on, because if it is not possible in the middle of the road you will be confused about what to do, unless you have played before.

In addition to commands for robots also considered very complicated, first you have to make a robot, run it to record your work, save, give tools and run. Doing that isn't as simple as you think for this game, there are lots of things to think about, starting from digging the ground, recycling trees, making tools for work and it's incredibly dizzy, and one of the things that makes this game boring is you are more often manage your robot instead of exploring this game. However, when you use the tutorial you will be guided in such a way as to complete every achievement that can be completed from A to Z.

But for complexity problems can probably be overcome by studying. But even for a small scale already feels complicated, especially for a massive scale, where this game has a very large map. Of course that makes a massive scale colony not impossible. So you can imagine not how complicated this game is, because you have to do the same movements over and over again until everything runs smoothly. Therefore this game seems repetitive, in the sense that you will do the same thing many times.

Besides, from the various auto that has been running, when you find an error sometimes it is very difficult to repair, starting from you have to lower the item that he has been holding, to re-record it. Things like that do not happen 1-2 times and it is very troublesome when to run auto only the process is very complicated. If you have ever done coding it may be automatic in this game indeed it must be maintained as perfect as possible. But as this game appears they have done several patches which are felt to reduce the complexity of this game.

Become A Leader Of The Colony You Created

Explain further the gameplay of Autonauts. It might sound silly, but when you want other humans on your planet, you need to create it yourself. Yes, you cannot expect a neighbor unless you create it yourself. The process is considered quite ridiculous because you need some material that is then inserted into a machine to be used as an embryo, you have to put the machine in again to be processed again which then becomes a baby. What a silly process right? wherein games like this there might be a dead process but there isn't.

You can also breed in this game. Put 2 cows into the barn, 3 cows will appear. Incredibly open? Then what is produced by cows? It is none other than the resources to achieve the next achievement. Then all of that must be arranged in such a way that everything runs smoothly without obstacles from the robot to the others. So the purpose of this game is to run the planet that you find and then the world will run automatically without obstacles.

Looks Very Funny With A Serious Mission

For image problems this game does have animations that can be said to be quite funny, where you will be presented with images that arevery cartoonist. For color problems, the colors presented in this game are sharp enough so if you play too long that might hurt when contrast is high. But the overall color is quite following the theme of the cartoonist. This game also has a system of morning, evening, and light rain.

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Very Standard Sound

In terms of soundtracks and effects this game feels very ordinary. There is nothing iconic, it does not have a sound that is too luxurious. But this game does sell the gameplay rather than the sounds produced. But still, the sound of a game remains to be a refinement of a game. Autonauts sometimes have enough frequency to deafening ears which are sometimes quite disturbing. Overall it is not too satisfying but not too bad.


This game is indeed a game that does not have a side that is too special except its auto system or can be called a worker robot. But apart from that this game has nothing else that can be seeded. But this game feels very fun for those of you who like to do build-ups and want to be a little troubled by a fairly simple auto system. and the auto system will be even more difficult if you run it massively.

So for those of you who want to get an experience like Harvest Moon or Tycoon, it might be difficult to find it here. Because this game gives you a very different game, like its motto Build, Create Automate. This game focuses on building, creating, and making everything automatic. But this game can provide an experience that is quite different from other games. Because this game is full of logic so everything works smoothly.