Oppo Reno3 Camera 108MP Review

Oppo Reno3 Camera 108MP Review

Oppo Reno3 immediately launched. One feature that is carried is a quad camera with the main camera '108MP'.

Unlike the Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Series and the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra which has a 108MP sensor, the camera on the Oppo Reno3 is actually equipped with a 48MP sensor.

Oppo Reno3 Camera 108MP Review

"We named it 108MP Ultra Clear Image. This is not upgraded. But using image stitching technology, "said Aryo Meidianto, PR Manager of Oppo Indonesia, at the Oppo Reno3 Blind Experience in Jakarta.

With this technology, a 48MP sensor can produce a 108MP resolution. This resolution is obtained by combining several photos collected by the camera, and calibrating colors so that photos can be rich in color.

Four rear cameras that are arranged vertically, including an ultra wide angle camera, an ultra clear main camera, and a telephoto camera.

Oppo Reno3 front camera is no less qualified. With a 44MP sensor, Reno3 is equipped with an Ultra Night Selfie feature, where users will be able to take bright and sharp images even in low-light spaces.

Ultra Night Selfie

Most people avoid selfies at night. Besides the results are dark and dull, photos are often noise.
Thanks to the Ultra Night Selfie feature, the Oppo Reno3 front camera will take many photos at once with different lighting parameters then put together and apply HDR editing.

By combining HDR, AI, and noise reduction in each frame, Reno3 is able to produce clearer photos.

Ultra Dark Mode

The Reno3 rear camera also supports night mode with clear results. The Ultra Dark Mode feature will be automatically activated when the room light is below 5lux.

This feature will work more optimally with lighting under 1lux. One lux can be described as a candle that lives in a very dark room.

Oppo Reno3 Camera 108MP Preview

5x Hybrid Zoom

Four Reno3 cameras will work together to produce 2x magnification, 5x hybrid zoom, up to 20x digital zoom.

Ultra Wide Angle

The Reno3 device is capable of taking pictures with a wide viewing angle. Ultra Wide Angle lens has a viewing angle reaching 119.9 degrees.

Super Macro 3cm

This camera is suitable for photographing small-sized objects so that details will look sharp as well as normal or large sized objects. Thanks to the Super Macro lens, users can take photos from the closest distance with a minimum focus distance of 3cm.

How to use this feature is, from the camera menu, enter More and select the Expert icon. Then tap the tree icon next to XHD, select the three tree icon until a wide-angle / macro lens appears.

108MP Ultra Clear Image

Four Reno3 rear cameras can produce photos with a resolution of 108MP. The trick, enter the Expert icon from the More menu, then select XHD which will turn orange if active.