Infinite Ammo Cheat in Resident Evil VIII: Village

Infinite Ammo Cheat in Resident Evil VIII: Village

Again continuing the story of Ethan Winters in his terrible adventure, Resident Evil VIII: Village is a horror game that is highly recommended for you guys to try. Taking more fresh mechanics, this game also applies a new concept in the form of a semi-open-world full of exploration. The map in this game is quite extensive and gives the impression of an authentic atmosphere that is quite pampering. For those of you who want to explore without interruption, this time we will give the Infinite Ammo cheat for the Resident Evil VIII game: Village.

Infinite Ammo Cheat in Resident Evil VIII Village

As we already know, in this game you can do various things like crafting, cooking, and grinding. Many do not know that the Resident Evil VIII game: Village itself has the cheat feature they implement. How to activate it yourself is quite easy. For those of you who prefer to explore and want to focus on the story of this game, of course, this one cheat is perfect for you to try. Immediately, here is how to activate the Infinite Ammo cheat for this game.

How to Activate the Infinite Ammo Cheat at Resident Evil VIII: Village

The new Infinite Ammo Cheat feature can open if you have finished playing the game on the game once. After you have finished this game, you can return to the Main Menu Resident Evil VIII: Village and choose the option in the form of "Bonus Option". Later here you can activate the cheat. To continue, you can choose the next option called "Additional Content Shop".

How to Activate the Infinite Ammo Cheat at Resident Evil VIII Village

You need to remember too, there are some things that you have to unlock first through Gunsmith. This is a Customizable Weapon Parts and Gunsmith Upgrades. You can certainly open it easily by encouraging a character named Duke who sells various equipment for Ethan during the game. After you have activated the cheat, later the Resident Evil VIII item: your village can you use as you will still not fully have a maximum upgrade.

Infinite Ammo Cheats List

Here is a list of cheats that you can use on this game weapon. There are a total of 15 weapons that you can cheat to activate Infinite Ammo:

Infinite Ammo Cheats List

  • Lemi.
  • M1911.
  • V61 Custom.
  • M1897.
  • W870 TAC.
  • SYG-12
  •  F2 Rifle.
  • GM 79.
  • M1851 Wolfsbane.
  • S.t.a.k.e.
  • WCX.
  • USM-AI
  • Dragoon
  • Handcannon PZ.
  • Rocket pistol

Different from other games that we find, trophy progress and achievements of Resident Evil VIII: Village will continue to run even though you are activating this Ammo Infinite cheat. With this cheat, you certainly no longer have difficulty against aggressive monsters. Players can also deactivate this cheat easily through the same option on the Additional Content Shop page. How do you think you want to try it too?

That's all discussions from us about how to cheat Infinite Ammo Resident Evil: Village. If you are interested and want to try this game, Resident Evil VIII: Village itself has been released and you can enjoy it through the PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox Series platform, and the Xbox Series. For you PC users, the game itself can also buy directly through the Steam Store digital platform. Don't forget to visit this site every day not to miss the latest news, tips, and rumors around the world of video games and technology.