Astracraft Review - Unlimited Creativity

Astracraft Review - Unlimited Creativity

Creativity is a phenomenon to do anything related to art, culture, and life in a different, unique, and new way. Its spontaneous nature makes the mind of all humans in its application different from each other. However, what if creativity is poured as the main theme of video games, especially mobile games?

Astracraft Review

If we see the number of games with creativity as themes, then the theme is generally often encountered in PC games. On paper, the application of creativity-themed games in mobile form does look very difficult to do. But if viewed from a similar game that has been on the market, this thought seems to need to be thrown away. Especially after the presence of Astracraft.

Astracraft tries to train and encourage the creativity of each player, to make things from some of the elements provided. The main theme was raised by NetEase in its new mobile game. Then, how to apply creative elements and freedom of creativity in the Astracraft itself? Check out our review follows.

Free to make anything

After you enter and login into the game, you will be presented with two main elements that will be enjoyed: Create and versus. Create is a place where the player makes anything according to their imagination with the tools provided. While versus mode is PVP mode that has various sub-branches, ranging from races to fight using their respective creations.

This game can be said to have a lot of creative features, the player will be required to be creative to make something they want. For example, spider robots, Humanoid, to racing cars. All they can make free-free through their imagination.

But don't worry if you are a person who feels less creative. Because you will be assisted by a tutorial until some presets have been provided. Starting from base models to finished works. Of course, you can make a better one who has a developer's server.

The creative feature is fairly detailed. It has the form needed from the box/cube, triangle, to taper. But developers will be better if they also add round or curved shapes in some parts to have more diverse creations in terms of shape. Features of lights or light, sword weapons, saber beams, or others certainly if added will also be more attractive in creation mode.

When making a robot, you will be able to choose weapons like the focus on damage to a special weapon. Be it a laser, radar, even shield. The shape of your robot or combat car can also be modified at will.

While when you make a plane, you can add some flying elements with a booster placed in several parts of the plane. For example, the wings, middle, and back. Makes you able to reach several maneuvers like Hover like V-Toll and Boost.

This feature is very satisfying for those of you who have crazy ideas to make something that until now is not conveyed. I spend hours for hours to make something that until now still hasn't been completed because of my perfectionist nature that never goes away.

Unlimited Creativity

Unfortunately, there are some modules or parts that still lack they add, for example, tires for tanks that I need to make tanks or battle fortress. Don't lose your mind, I tried to replace it with ordinary tires. But ill-fated, because I was too focused on the shape, I forgot that the weapon had a maximum of four boxes that finally made me have to change in such away.

I hope the developer can add several types of tires including chain tires to make tanks. While for robots, the lack of some parts when this version of the Early Review I received could also be input for the developer to add it. For example, the form of a humanoid robot, hands, to the function of the head that can be moved.

Even so, of course, you can outsmart it in various ways. It's a game about creativity, use your blisters to apply it in your work.

Racing, war, and work

Not only creative, but you can also enjoy various modes of Creation. Like races to the party that can be enjoyed by many players consisting of several games, including Ball Games, Multiplayer Creation, Infinite Arena, Rumble, Storm, Super Storm, King of the Hill, Building, and Race.

Party Mode will present 121 building modules, traps, on a 3 km map with 9 diverse arenas and themes. The player can make a design according to his wishes. There is a variety of sub-mode and places in the party mode. Starting from Physical Arena, Party Arena, Survival Battle Royale, and Military Simulation.

Physical Arena will function like an ordinary arena, where the player will be able to see some creations and take part in the football game. The party arena will be possible to compete with friends and other players to reach the finish line bypassing various obstacles. Some of them are traps.

Another interesting thing is the existence of Survival Battle Royale mode. Same with similar modes in other games, Astracraft will invite you to collect material from zero. You can destroy anyone you see until you survive the winner.

The military simulation will consist of several military types of equipment from air, land, and sea. You can make a plane, the displaced unit to see the movement of the enemy, to destroy them using rockets.
You can set all the features presented through party mode. At will, without any restrictions. You're the master.

Unfortunately, when I tried this game, I could only enjoy the single-player mode with some unique creations. While my PvP mode can't try it at all because when you play it, the game hasn't been released. But I get a little general picture like what PVP mode is through a handful of video tutorials provided.

The racing mode will function as a racing model with power up. Where the player will be able to take power-up in the middle of the game to activate some weapons that have been installed.
You can also create your racing track with two types: one-way tracks or round / lap. One direction can be created with various benders and leaps. You can also make it straight like an ordinary drag race arena.

Free to make anything

While the rotation or lap has the same feature but with its rotating shape. A variety of features of your free track creations can make you need not be limited to make any type. Good with super difficult gardens, to fill holes.

The next mode is versus which consists of many modes: Infinite Arena, Rumble, Storm, King of the Hill, and Building. You can use some creations that have been made or provided. King of the Hill became one of the modes where I could play it with a bot.


Astracraft at a glance into a game included in Too Good To Be True for mobile platforms. But the NetEase and his team managed to apply the theme of creativity which became their main vision.

The game has a lot of creative features that are guaranteed to inspire your creativity to make whatever you want. Starting from robots, cars, to drones. All your creations can even be customized with more details using decals or stickers, colors, to the skin provided or buy them.

I spent long enough hours just to make battle fortress even though I was still not satisfied with the results and maybe I would change again after a few days. This game is perfect for those of you who like to make something, especially those who have a wild imagination and want to realize it in 3D form.
For those of you who are interested in downloading it, if you are interested in playing it, please download the application through THIS LINK.