Deathloop Review - The Longer Played More Exciting

Deathloop Review - The Longer Played More Exciting

A stunning masterpiece came from Bethesda and Arkane Studios. This time they present is a new game with the concept of First Person with little Rogue-like spices. Different from Game 12 Minutes, Dethloop will take you a feeling of the Time Loop experience full of bullets. On this occasion, ExGameSplay will share a simple review of the Deathloop game. Does this one game be tried?

Deathloop Review - The Longer Played More Exciting

As you know, Arkane Studios is indeed quite famous for its draft game named Dishonored. Got Mechanical Gunplay First-Person Date Stealth, their artificial games also managed to have complex stories and also different game styles of normal FPS games. The formula in the Dishonored game is now bigger when you try the new game, DeathLoop.

Different from the previous game, DeathLoop managed to lift the Sci-Fi theme with a combination of Dystopian Atompunk. In this game, you will act as a fee killer who is trapped on an island containing crazy people you always encounter. Your task is to investigate what the time loop causes and hunt down various targets that make the island work.

Plot - Hunt or Hunted

Deathloop will invite you to take action on an island named BlackREEF which always repeats time every 24 hours. You will play as an agent named Colt who is trapped wants to get out of this deadly loop. Blackref himself will contain crazy people who are ready to kill you whenever. You are forced to find ways to kill their visionaries that make your man's loop always work.

As seen, Colt will face many enemies with a strange appearance. Fortunately, Colt himself was able to remember everything he had passed even though the barloo loop took place. Because the whole island does not remember any events when the loop is repeated. He finally used this opportunity to develop a strategy and memorize the target of the target from the morning, afternoon, afternoon, and night.

What makes Colt's mission always fail is the presence of the Blackreef guard who has strong abilities like Colt. He can remember every loop and learn your movements while at BlackREEF. This character is Julianna who has the ambition to keep Blackreef always work and repeat it as proper. From here, Colt and Julianna will always shoot continuously.

Besides keeping Blackreef from the threat of colt, Juliana also finds out the purpose of Colt is. On the other hand, Colt also managed to steal the secret code that he did not know what his functions were. So, why did Julianna want this loop to continue? Then, why does BlackREef always repeat the time every 24 hours? Yup, you can find the answer when playing the DeathLoop campaign mode.

This game is very minimal Once Cutscene, The Way They Deliver The Story Itself Enough Through The Sound From The Main Character Dialogue. In Addition, You Also Have To Look For Various MySteries Ranging From Audiologists, Notes, And Photos Scattered In Each Region. Indirectly, DeathLoop Forces You to Continue to Explore. This method is less suitable for gamers who are lazy to look for mysteries of secrets to the game.

Complicated Loop Work With Simple Gun-play Mechanics

The deathloop has more or less mechanical the same as Dishonored. That's because, Colt also has capabilities such as teleport, telekinesis, and invisibility. Even so, this game managed to add various new elements to support more fresh gameplay. This has been proven by adding the Perks skill system, upgrading weapons, and currency.

To kill Visionaries is not as easy as you think. Blackreef has 4 different regions where each can you meet in the morning, afternoon, afternoon, and evening. The target will be scattered in 4 regions and 4 times that blackreef has. Later, when the player enters the first side of the region, then the loop will spin and you have to kill all the visionaries that exist in a maximum of one day.

Deathloop Review - Complicated Loop Work With Simple Gun-play Mechanics

While in the time loop, the player is required to complete the first mission that this game has determined. For example, when you have completed a mission in the morning, then the time will automatically run into the afternoon, evening, and night. If you fail to kill all visionaries in one day loop that this game specifies, then the time will reset and your progress will disappear. In essence, the DeathLoop loop serves not as a timer but is shaped 4 times respawn.

From Flow Deathloop games also have similarities like Hitman. You are assigned to observe to find a target that must be killed. In addition, the player must learn the schedule of the guards going around. Don't worry, because the player can use the stealth or rush game style. We also need to remind that, morning, afternoon, evening, and night will have layouts and enemies with the level of difficulty that can change.

Continuing the previous, DeathLoop also offers a currency system called "slabs". You can use the currency for weapons customization, buy weapons, or upgrade perks skills. Not only that, with the help of slabs, your character can have a "rewind" skill that allows it to repeat several seconds without having to be able to serve the loop reset. More or less, almost similar to the Tracer skill in Overwatch.

Multiplayer Mode - Protect Loops or Crush Loops

The multiplayer system that Arcane Studios serves is very creative deathloop. On the Main Menu, you will be given a choice of "Break the Loop" (playing as Colt Single Player) or "protect the loop" (playing as Julianna on multiplayer). In conclusion, this game offers an arena 1 vs 1 game where each player will kill the other by choosing Julianna or Colt characters.

Meanwhile, which makes this multiplayer mode also interesting is, DeathLoop carries the "invading timeline" system. If you play a single-player, then there is another player that suddenly enters and plays as Julianna. Instead of fighting Julianna who is just a bot, you will fight another player that will add to a higher level of difficulty. You can do the same to other players playing singles.

The "invading timeline" system unfortunately does not allow us to continue the story while in multiplayer mode. The main cutscene should be on the single-player they have removed, but you can hear the dialogue between characters through a radio transmitter. Not only that, when playing multiplayer, NPC which usually attacks Colt now they accidentally nerf for balancing reasons.

The multiplayer with this formula we have encountered in the game Watch Dogs 2 made by Ubisoft. You can both invade another player when he plays single-player mode. With the implementation of a system like this, DeathLoop managed to offer a fairly fresh thing. Honestly, the multiplayer mode that this game offers can be executed properly, and of course, dear if until you miss it.

Music, Level Design, and Voice Actor

For music, I am not too expert. But, in my opinion, Music in the Deathloop game is perfect for delivering world ambiance to the game. So far there is 12 music-themed Sythawave Classic and 80's nuanced songs. These songs are very suitable for filling voyages when they are bored when repeating the loop continuously. Not to mention, some songs have fairly cool lyrics.

If talking about the affairs of MAP Design, DeathLoop does have a fairly unique theme. They managed to combine the Sci-Fi and Atompunk themes. Although it is very linear and not as wide as open-world games, Deahloop again gives fresh changes in every loop. For example, in the morning you will see the NPCs relaxed, but at night they will start partying insanely with more enemies.

As long as you play, Colt and Julianna always fight like siblings. They will collide dialogue via radio transmitters scattered on each map. The player can sometimes find a variety of funny dialogue from those who mock each other. Voice Actors from Julianna and Clot are executed perfectly and can always provide freshness while in the game.

Deathloop Review - Music, Level Design, and Voice Actor

Not only playing characters, every enemy NPC you encounter will have a dialogue that is humorous and unique. Sometimes they can talk about what happens to the world of this game and commenting on both major characters. Sometimes, the introduction to the radio station can appear with humor that is no less hilarious. Considering the island of Blackreef is filled with a crazy party, there will be many music bass beasts that accompanied their world.


Deathloop has become one of the FPS action games that managed to look fresh in 2021. Trying this one game certainly became a new experience for me who had long favored the Dishonored franchise. Dare to look different from an unusual theme, DeathLoop managed to execute gameplay full of calculations and taught us to learn from previous mistakes.

The story they offer is quite interesting with a fairly colored humor seasoning. Every character of this game also has a different perspective with the contrary. Although his world is very linear, DeathLoop still gives a difference from rearranging the location of the enemy to provide certain events on each loop. In addition, the Sand-Box element is the main solution to deal with existing problems.

The multiplayer system called "invading timeline" makes its attraction for those of you who want to add more challenges. On the other hand, the spoiled voice actor makes each character giving the impression of a close relationship in the form of perfect rivals. It's not just there, Arkane Studios also provides freedom for the player to form and change the play-style in the game.

Some things you need to pay attention to too, that Deathloop brings the story of Time Loop. This means the player will so even the scene repeatedly every time you fail. Indirectly this game will certainly provide a repetitive experience. However, they managed to provide various clues that would make you. Unfortunately, what makes this game less is there is an AI presence that is not sensitive to the situation.

For those of you who haven't had the chance to try this game, then this one game is very recommended. Deathloop itself has been released and you can play on Platform PC, PS4, and PS5. As usual, PC users can buy the game via Steam Store. How do you think it's ready to fight back on Blackref Island?