12 Minutes Review - Encourage The Creativity Of The Player

12 Minutes Review - Encourage The Creativity Of The Player

A masterpiece is interesting coming from Annapurna and Luis Antonio. This time they present is the new game with the concept of Point and Click as well as seasoning Story Interactive. Different from the other game, this one game brings you to experience the Time Loop terrible. On this occasion, ExGamesplay will share a simple Review of the game 12 Minutes. Do this one game you must try?

12 Minutes Review - Encourage The Creativity Of The Player

As you may know, the game that raised the Story Interactive has many of us have encountered in the present era. Games like Life is Strange, Minecraft Story Mode, and The Walking Dead have been popular among gamers cross-platform. Developer Indie usually likes to make a game with such formulas. However, not a few of them make a game with similarities to each other.

12 Minutes is the game Story Interactive with a mix of elements of Adventure, Point, and Click simple enough. You are assigned to make a decision as quickly as possible and as precisely as possible for 12 minutes. Because of the stories they lift associated with the Mystery and Thriller, this game also managed to present stories that stir the emotions of the player to play it. This game also has Multiple Ending that much.

1. The Plot Is A Tragic Story That Is Over With Surprise

12 Minutes own story about a pair of lovers who live in a small apartment in the middle of the city. The life of the Husband and Wife are instantaneously changed after a Detective came into the room and catches his Wife with the reason for the murder done by his father. Your character (the Husband) was killed by the Agent during the process of the arrest of his Wife. There's a Time Loop 12 Minutes will start.

The Loop will be started when the main character comes home from work and met with their wife. After dinner and the interaction during the 12 Minutes, The Detective appears again with the same action as before. Before the incident happens, you must take preventive measures to stop the Loop that terrible. Everything you do will have consequences for bad or good.

One of the things that you need to remember, the police will remain logged in to the room of the apartment you in any way. So is it true your Wife is the person who has close contact with his father? Then, the motive of what makes the Agent decided to do a vile thing these days? Yup, all this story will unfold by itself when you follow the storyline of the game 12 Minutes is.

Planning something in a time of 12 Minutes is not an easy thing. This Game gives no clues at all until the arrival of the Detective. This is exactly what makes the atmosphere of the game is so stressful. On the other hand, viewing the scene of the brutal murder and repeat the uncomfortable moral of the player. There are times it's time you try things out of your senses to see what happens.

This one Game has many Multiple Ending when you managed to save the Wife and the Husband. The time playtime that they offer is also uncertain because it all depends on how creative you guys are to do follow-up prevention. Meanwhile, you also witnessed the scene that repeat-repeat, then this game indeed has the impression Repetitive. However, they can press the Fast Forward features available.

2. Mechanical Simple That Encourages Creativity, Thinking Players

As we already said earlier, 12 Minutes've got an ingenious way to force you to encourage the creativity of the mind of the player. This Game presents a lot of freedom so you can prepare to face the Detective. Although have you stay they have fairly small, but who would have thought that there are many everyday objects that you can try to do something.

12 Minutes Review - Mechanical Simple

Right, you will find a Spoon, Fork, Sleeping pills, a Knife, even up to the Gun. Not only that, you can call other people using Smart Phone. As if still not satisfied, the Player can also hide objects in the area of the room. Of it all, perhaps the most interesting is manipulating his Wife to do something, such as dancing and prepare food.

To be honest, as long as we do the exploration of the room, there must be objects that you've never even seen before. These items could be hiding anywhere. Table, Wardrobe, Part under the mattress, to the sidelines of the Ventilation. This way is indeed smart enough to they think, because of things like this that can make the player start the observation as long as possible to search for items hidden.

To create Items of finding your work, you have to combine the Items one by object around the house more. This way also will make the game's story also running properly. Sometimes, things like this will make you experience Frustrating because Stuck on a loop over and over again. It seems, indeed there is no other way for us to continue to do Exploration to find the changes.

3. Voice Actor and Animations that Bring the Emotion

12 Minutes test the player on how to decide to stir the emotions we have. Because dare to take up the exciting story Thriller, of course, this also encourages them to make the animation following what is happening. Fortunately, Luis Antonio has done the appropriate action on the matter. This successfully proves the quality of the Animation and Voice Actors make.

As seen, 12 Minutes choose a Top-Down perspective like The Sims, but that does not mean this game has animation like The Sims. Because 12 Minutes managed to translate the emotions of each character while in the conflict of the story possessed. You can see how the reactions of the characters when viewing one of the characters was killed without having to show the expression of his face at all.

From here also we can see, how the Husband responds to his actions were wrong when horrific events reoccur. There was even a time-it's time your character decides to kill the Detective to excite the emotions of vengeance which he had. All this Animation will blend perfectly when you hear the conversations of the characters with one another.

Yup, with the help of the Voice Actors of Hollywood top board, you can witness for yourself the Performance and Quality of the innate and amazing story. The Husband (James McAvoy), his Wife (Daisy Ridley), and Detectives (Williem Dafoe) managed to make this game so suspenseful and real. Unfortunately, every character in this game has no name at all. If there is, the possibility of a relationship's emotional certainly will be increased.

4. The Visual is Simple and Sound Design that Indulging the Ears

The 12 Minute got a Visual that is pretty enough for those gamers who are not concerned with graphics. this, however, they can upgrade if you want. But, to be the foundation of the story that they offer a visual like this it looks like it's quite fitting. Texture and lighting are presented also had pretty eyes. Not to mention this game also has a little touch of particle which can you find in some spots.

The layout and design of the house are also very simple. Even so, there is just a touch of the color tone and impression of Cinematography, which succeeded they give on every corner. Evidence, such as the Tone of the lighting change when you turn off the lights of the room. Later, the atmosphere in the room changes the dynamic when outside the window lightning or a car is passing by.

12 Minutes Review - Simple and Sound Design

Switch to the Sound Design, 12 Minutes again managed to give the impression of a quite better than the way they deliver life on this game. Every detail of the sound of the narrow room gives the impression of romance and thrilling. The voice of each character can change the echo follows the room they occupy. Not to mention, the noise of the occupants of the other apartments make 12 Minutes can translate the atmosphere there.

To be honest, I'm not an expert in the field of entertainment. However, the music on this game is working on them quite seriously. Neil Bones as a Composer of this game has given 13 songs that sound mellow ala Thriller era 90-an. When you first hear it, you will know for yourself that the game will have a tragic story with a plot that stirs the thoughts of the players.


12 Minutes to be the only game Story Interactive, which manages to look fresh in 2021. Try this game to be an honor for me that had long been fond of the game narrative story like this. The concept of the story they give is very interesting. Not to mention, how Luis Antonio provides stories that stir the emotions and are full of the plot makes me feel every second in this game is so important.

Each Loop always ends up with a new gift. With the selection of a Top-Down perspective, I think is something right for them implemented. Because in this way we can feel all the events contained in the story of the game. That's why every frame and every move of this game always making us feel at home and curious about what will happen next.

The longer you play this game you're more connected with what the protagonist is feeling. It is also what made me decide to choose the word ‘Fused With Eternity’ in this game. Meanwhile, the combination of the Animation and the Voice Actors that they serve again managed to make the story more sound very real. Whereas the expressions they make are very limited and it is only through movement and sound.

Some things you need to note also, that this game brings the story of the Time Loop. which means, we will never know the scene repeated each time you fail. 12 Minutes also do not give a Clue when the player is stuck on a Loop. Not to mention, the system Fast Forward is not so effective because it is the only active part of the conversation with the characters. The negative things and makes the game sometimes repetitive and make the dizzy.

If you haven't had a chance to try this game, then you're obligated to give it a try right now. 12 Minutes itself has been released and is available for platforms PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series. As usual, the PC user can directly purchase the game through the Digital Platform Steam Store. How according to you guys, if you guys are interested to feel the emotional experience of the game on this one? For that, good luck!