How to Repair a Laptop That Has No View

How to Repair a Laptop That Has No View

You want to turn on the laptop, and when you press the power button from the laptop, you see the power light appears, the fan is running, the hard drive is active but no one appears on the screen and the screen from the laptop displays a blank screen. This case happens a lot for laptop users.

How to Repair a Laptop That Has No View

In this problem, your laptop may provide the right power supply for all parts of the hardware but the motherboard cannot boot because of some hardware failures or it may also be able to boot the motherboard properly but not able to show any display just because of the laptop screen Got broken.

One above can be a possible reason with your laptop and to solve this problem, you can take step by step of checking your laptop hardware to correct the problem below.

So in this tutorial, I will show you how you can try solving the problem "no display" on a laptop. You can follow a few simple steps that I listed below.

If your laptop does not show signs of power supply, it means you have a different problem with a laptop and you can try to use a different power adapter or take your laptop to the service center because this problem will be more complicated for those who don't have experience.

To fix the black blank screen problem on a laptop, there are 3 things you might try to repair your laptop. And, now I will show you three steps to solve the problem with your laptop.

Repair a laptop that has no view

1. First step: Display/display check

First, try starting the check on the screen because sometimes the problem is just because the screen display is broken. If your screen dies or the motherboard is broken you will never be able to show something on the screen.

To solve this problem yourself, you will need an external screen to check whether your laptop works correctly or not. If you have a desktop computer at home, you can borrow the monitor for a while as the second screen of your laptop is damaged. Also, you can borrow a VGA cable as a connection between the monitor screen with a laptop.

If you can see the boot display on another external screen or a computer monitor, Ha means you have a problem with your screen display, you have to replace it with a new one to repair your laptop.

If your laptop still doesn't show anything on the external screen, then that means you don't have a problem with your screen, you can switch to the next solution.

2. BIOS examination

Sometimes the BIOS system can cause the system to stop working for several reasons and the BIOS needs to be reset to go well. To reset the BIOS of your laptop follow these steps given below:

  • Step 1 - Turn off the laptop completely and remove the power adapter.
  • Step 2 - Remove the laptop battery.
  • Step 3 - Press the Laptop Power button for 20 seconds to drain all CMOS batteries
  • Step 4 - Activate your laptop without a battery by just attaching an electric cable.

This will reset the BIOS and now you can run your laptop as before. If your laptop still shows an empty screen, you can then move to our next solution below to fix this problem.

3. Ram examination

Generally, RAM can be 90% of the reasons for the problem of "no display" on a laptop. If your RAM dies or a dirty motherboard, you will never be able to show something on the screen until you clean it or replace it with a new one.

How do you check it? Here are the steps:

  • Step 1 - Unplug all resources such as batteries or power adapters.
  • Step 2 - Open your laptop cover where RAM is and unplug the RAM from the RAM slot.

(You must be careful when you will open a RAM slot because there is a lock that can be easily released)

  • Step 3 - Clean your laptop RAM right.
  • Step 4 - Enter RAM back to your laptop and the back cover too.
  • Step 5 - Turn on your laptop to test the results.

If you have two RAMs installed on your laptop, try to pull out one of them and try to turn on your computer. If your computer still has no display, then try pulling the RAM from the slot and install it to another slot. If your computer still has no display, try taking the previous steps with your other RAM (vice versa).

There is a possibility of RAM dead, you can try to borrow compatible RAM from your friends and install it on a laptop to make sure about your RAM might be dead or not.

4. Finally: Motherboard / GPU Examination

If the solution above doesn't work for you, you have some problems with the motherboard. And in this condition, I would advise you to bring your laptop to the service place. I can't test your motherboard through the internet, you need to take advice from someone professionally like a hardware engineer, to find out what this problem is.

The GPU chip can be the main reason for laptop problems that have no display on the screen and you can also reflow GPUs to repair your laptop and that will work 90% but it is very necessary to take professional advice for the first time.

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