An easy way to repair a laptop keyboard

An easy way to repair a laptop keyboard

There are various kinds of problems with laptops, one of them is a problem with the keyboard. If you experience problems on the laptop keyboard, whether one of the buttons does not work or error, you can try to diagnose and fix it without having to replace it first.

An easy way to repair a laptop keyboard

To buy a new keyboard and install it will spend enough money. And it's best you have to try to find the problem and before you take more great risks.

If you don't have an external keyboard, you can try it. This is not a decent substitute for the built-in keyboard, but it will let you log in to Windows with a password if you have it. And this will also help you use a computer to find out the best solution.

And don't worry, below is a guide to diagnosing and repairing a laptop keyboard that is an error or damaged without having to pay.

The first step

Try to reboot your laptop because it sometimes restarts solving many direct problems. So first restart the laptop and check whether the keyboard works or not, if it doesn't work then follow step 2.

Second step

Restore System: System Restore is the best way to solve problems regarding keyboard software. If your keyboard doesn't work then other ways might work for your laptop.

Third step

Check whether your driver is up to date or not. If not, then update the driver and then restart and check whether the keyboard works or not. If you have updated old Windows to Windows 10, maybe one reason the keyboard doesn't work is that the old driver can't work with the latest windows.

Fourth step

After updating the keyboard driver and it turns out that your keyboard still doesn't work, then follow the simple steps below:

  • Open Windows + Run and type "msc" then enter the Device Manager or type "Device Manager" in the search. You can use On-Screen Keyboard or External Keyboard.
  • In Device Manager, try to find the keyboard and then right-click on the keyboard device and click Scan for hardware changes or "Scan for Hardware Change"
  • You can also be to uninstall and then restart. The window will automatically find hardware and install it.
  • In Device Manager, search and expand the keyboard and double-click your internal keyboard. (If you have an external keyboard installed, make sure you choose the internal one)
  • In the dialog box that appears, click the Driver tab, then click Uninstall. When uninstall is complete, your keyboard will definitely won't work.
  • Reboot, Windows will automatically reinstall the original driver. Hopefully, this will solve your problem.

Hardware problem

If you look at some buttons there is dirt and dust, maybe it can be the culprit. So try to clean the keyboard. You can clean it with a brush, try to pull out the keyboard button slowly so that all dirt can be clean.

If the method above doesn't work, it's possible you have to replace the keyboard. If you are still lay to install a new keyboard, you have to pay someone professional to do it.

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