Tower of Fantasy - Anime MMORPG Open World Which is Very Waiting

Tower of Fantasy -  Anime MMORPG Open-World Which is Very Waiting

Tower of Fantasy is an online animation Action MMORPG that can be played for free and developed by Hotta Studio. Made using Unreal Engine 4, at a glance, this Tower of Fantasy game looks quite like Mihoyo's GenShin Impact game but presents a slightly different theme because this Tower of Fantasy game presents open world games with very sophisticated technology and various enemies in the form of sophisticated robots.

Tower of Fantasy -  Anime MMORPG Which is Very Waiting

Through the trailer uploaded by Perfect World Entertainment, it can be seen that later the players can customize more free characters. With a choice of hair, clothes, and also more diverse facial forms and styles.

All of these things can be realized because the game was developed using the Epic Games 4 Unreal Engine and made by Hotta Studio. As a result this game shows an open-world that is very immersive and stunning.

The Tower of Fantasy is a MMORPG game that will display a beautiful open world because it is supported by a class of motion capture films.

In addition to maintaining the main elements of MMORPG games, such as exploration, customization, grinding, crafting, party, and the Guild System. The Tower of Fantasy will also present an interactive puzzle during the game.

The entire element will be supported by an interesting storyline with the theme of Salvation and Destruction.

Without class classification

All you need to know that there will be no classification of classes in this game. Instead, you really will have access to various different skills that can be converted depending on what weapons you will use.

This means basically you can fill the role for each existing class. It sounds very fun, right?

Unfortunately there is no clear information regarding when this Tower of Fantasy game was immediately launched because the second closed beta has just taken place in China on April 15-21, 2021. What is clear, the Perfect World Entertainment will bring this new MMORPG game on the PC platform and also mobile ( Android and iOS).

At present, the Tower of Fantasy opens pre-registration available through the TapTap site for players who are interested in playing it. This means that it allows this game to be released soon and of course this game will release in China first.

With the various things they have to offer, most likely this game will become an MMORPG Open World game that will be a tight competitor of similar games such as Black Desert Online, Genshin Impact and Dragon Raja.