John Wick - Chapter 4

John Wick - Chapter 4

John Wick is one of the iconic characters played by Keanu Reeves and Chapter 4 is a continuation of the various riots he created after Chapter 2. This premise still offers a solution to all the problems that occur so it's quite interesting how John Wick's story ends in finding peace.

John Wick - Chapter 4


Tells how John Wick solves his problems to find peace in the life he lives. Where the highest level of his organization as an assassin, namely the High Table, has ordered representatives to kill John Wick.

However, this created an impact around John Wick that devastated everything from Continental New York to Osaka Japan. This makes him have to find a strategy to be able to find peace within himself rather than having to kill everyone in the organization.

The High Table representative is played by Bill Skarsgard as the Marchese de Marquis who hunts down John Wick at all costs. Make this plot return to its main form. Yep, the plot can be said to be repetitive with previous films. It's like a fight that comes intensely in every second, even throughout the film it makes you sometimes up and down and personally feel bored.

So it's not recommended if you speedrun watching John Wick from Chapter 1 to Chapter 3, it will make you tired when watching Chapter 4.


One of the more points of Gun Fu John Wick's fight, the shooting is quite different from most action films. Where the fight takes place is taken from the top position and shows John Wick's full movement in killing his enemies in the house.

Not to mention the car chases and shooting battles as well as drifting which is very fun to watch. Here John Wick has to fight with his partner named Caine (Donnie Yen), a blind assassin with unique abilities.

Where the fight for the blind played by Donnie Yen is very interesting and using swords and pistols is quite an interesting movement.



This film has teased John Wick with his death, where peace only comes when he dies. John Wick's Death Flag also grew stronger after he requested that his headstone be given a "Loveling Husband" life summary.

The ending of this story provides a conclusion from everything that happened throughout the John Wick film. Well, you have to watch it yourself to find out the ending of Mr. This Wick. If you haven't watched this film before, it's a good idea to watch it from the beginning so you can feel the true tension of John Wick 4.


The ending of John Wick's story is closed in chapter 4 and solves all the problems that have happened in his life. Even though in terms of the storyline there is nothing special and repetitive, the intense battle of John Wick in this film is presented in a variety of different forms.

Shows that there are not only Gun Fu issues, battles in the style of the Blind, and mechanical battles with animals are also shown here. One that is quite interesting is the shooting scene using a car where he drifts while attacking the enemies who surround him.

Don't forget that the battle inside an empty house is also one of the most epic shots. Maybe we will miss John Wick's actions in the future, but with the existing scale, you could say that this story doesn't need to be continued further, let alone become a saga of up to 10 films.