Guilty Gear Strive Review - The Most Beautiful Fighting Game of this Era

Guilty Gear Strive Review - The Most Beautiful Fighting Game of this Era

A new surprise finally came from the Arc Works System. As before, this time that comes is a fighting game again. After success with Dragon Ball Fighter Z which has a spoiled visual, this time Guilty Gear Strive comes with the same formula and presents a lot of change. Like the title, on this occasion, we will provide a simple review for Guilty Gear Strive. Is it in line with expectations?

Guilty Gear Strive Review - The Most Beautiful Fighting Game of this Era

The Arc Works System is quite experienced in making fighting theme games. Names like Dragon Ball Fighter Z and BlazBlue are quite popular on some of the current famous platforms. Along with the times, it seems that this studio continues to provide significant changes to his fighting game. Not only visual but also the gameplay mechanics they offer.

The long process and delay that occurred in the Game Strive Guilty game seemed to be quite fruitful. Many gamers feel nostalgia in enjoying a complex fighting game that we easily learn this. Even so, there are still some things you need to remember before trying this the first time this franchise. Especially for you who want to focus on Story Mode and Single Player.

The plot is not suitable for newcomers

This game will take a post-apocalyptic world after brutal warfare that destroys half the human population because of bio-organic weapons named "Strive". In this series, the story they lift will focus on the main character named Sol Badguy with ambition wants to defeat Happy Chaos, criminals who want to destroy the world for the second time.

Guilty Gear: Strive is the final series of the Guilty Gear franchise. The story they lift in this game is the culmination of the conflict from all the Guilty Gear game franchises released on the market. I, the first new try this game in the Stripe series, am quite confused with what happened to the world of this game. After I browse there a total of 25 games were released complete with spin-offs and story DLC.

Then, for newcomers who have just plunged into Guilty Gear: Strive seems to be very difficult to understand the plot of this game through the series. Seeing this problem, Dev certainly did not remain silent, it made various features available such as a glossary to explain the occurrence and lore characters in the previous series. Even so, this seems like it's still quite difficult and eating pretty much time.

Of all these negative things, it turns out there is one thing that is quite interesting. Different from the previous release fighting game, now Guilty Gear: Strive also presents interesting features for the player who wants to watch casually. This function feature is combining all cinematic scenes that exist in the game and combining them into a long-duration film. Yep, of course, complete with anime style and scene fighting.

Combat Competitive and easy for us to learn

The ability of the Arc Works System returns the highways through exciting and competitive battle actions. Guilty Gear: Strive is easy enough for you to learn what else for newcomer players. Even though it looks complex, the fact is that the combat they offer is very simple. Even gamers who don't like the Fighting genre are quite fast enough to adapt to the combat mechanics of this game.

Like generally competitive games, if you want to master this game, of course, it will take practice time. There are many things you can learn in terms of fighting. For example, just like a combo attack, a special attack, to a pretty diverse counterattack. Even though the number of characters available is still a little, Guilty Gear: Strive can still give new things in terms of a combination of attacks that we don't guess difficult.

Every attack that you launch seems to be quite valuable, even small attacks will affect the dominance of the battle arena. This is what makes this game exciting for us to play. Not to mention, if you have played this game for a long time, a combination of attacks will appear that you never see before. If you are lucky, you might be able to create a concoction combo that is quite deadly.

Continuing this, every character present also has different abilities. Not only the animation of the fight only, but you can also see differences in agility and damage attacks. In addition, each of them has shortcomings too. For example, the character named Nagoriyuki. It has very high damage but the attack is very slow and easy to read enemies.

Does the same model as the previous game?

There is no special thing in the single-player mode they offer. We only get the choice of arcade modes, versus, training, and local multiplayer. But each mode they provide will have a choice of difficulties option. The AI they give is not as stupid that you think. So the longer you play a single-player, then your ability in multiplayer will also increase.

Arcade will require a player to play on one character. Later there will be a graph of every enemy character you will be your opponent. The higher the location of the enemy on the graph, the enemy that appears will be increasingly difficult. If you lose in the middle of the road, you will lose and have to repeat from the beginning again. This mode is indeed quite familiar to the Fighting game owned by Arc System Works.

Guilty Gear Strive Review - Visual stunning and adrenaline full music

It seems that almost all fighting games have fashion named versus. Yep, this mode is a free mode to choose from. You can choose the character you want to play and the enemy you want to your opponent. Not only that, but the players can also arrange difficulties and the location of the battle arena. This mode is certainly suitable for you who want to just relax and want to feel a casual fight.

Want to know further about this game fight mechanic? training mode that will train you. When you first enter this mode, you will choose what characters you like. Later the mode will also provide the enemy (dummy) which is just silent. You can set the enemy to attack, jump, or blocking through the existing options. Honestly, the options they provide are very complete.

Online mode is suitable for slow internet

When you enter online, maybe some players will be surprised by the hub system they offer. You will take a walk in the form of a pixel character avatar along with other players. The hub they provide will have a variety of matchmaking mode choices such as Casual and Ranked. If you are interested, your avatar can also be customized, for example, replacing hats, clothing, and character shapes.

Cosmetics for the avatar can you get through online games, but you have to go through the gacha process randomly first to get the existing gear. Take it easy, Gacha this game doesn't need real money. You just have to play online mode for 1 hour and your character will get interesting rewards to decorate

The presence of a system called Rollback Netcode will make the online player experience feel more comfortable. If you don't know, the netcode rollback system serves to provide connection stability between 2 players in this game. For example, if your ping enters 300ms, then the enemy also slows together with your character. But if you have a ping of 100ms, the two players will be equally smooth.

So, each player will not have more opportunities when attacking enemies who experience lag. According to my playing experience, this system is very optimal for slow internet. You will not experience severe lags when playing online rank along with European and Australian Region Players. This one is certainly a plus value of us about a comfortable online experience.

Visual stunning and adrenaline full music

Guilty Gear Strive has many "rock" genre music. Different from the previous game, the Dragon Ball Fighter Z, this game has more fiery music nuances and triggers the adrenaline of the players. Uniquely, all the music they provide is not only a voice but complete with the singer's vocals with a distinctive British and Japanese accent. Meanwhile, every word they submit is easy to understand.

This exciting music is increasingly charming with an amazing visual blend. It's true, the ARC system doesn't mess up about visual affairs. With a detailed character design and subtle animation. Guilty Gear Strive managed to provide a neat fighting experience. This can directly prove it with various anime-style particles that cover the screen. Every blow that you miss will feel powerful.

The art style they offer itself is indeed like anime 2D. This game has a 3D character model, it's just that the design itself they have designed in such a way as to look anime film. Even so, the lighting, particle, and the shadow they provide enough pamper. This visual cell-shading has been successfully developed using Unreal Engine 4 technology.

Uniquely, if you do idle using a character, there will be a diverse animation that has sprung up from the character. In addition, if you use Special Attack in the air, a different scene will appear from the special attack on the ground. But there is only one thing we regret. Because, every arena where you fight, lacks the impression of the fight.

If Dragon Ball Fighter Z can destroy the surface of the ground and the building, in this game it doesn't seem to be. Not only that, but every arena also has an ordinary atmosphere. Even the existing background animation looks quite minimal. There is no wind blowing effect from the fight and there is no destruction effect at all. But, of course, all these things will not disturb the available gameplay.

Guilty Gear Strive Review - Online mode is suitable for slow internet


The Arc Works System is again successful by providing a real fighting experience. Suitable for you newcomers and suitable for you Veterans. It's easy for us to learn but it's hard for us to master it might be the right word for this game. Meanwhile, Guilty Gear: Strive is intentionally designed to provide alternatives for those of you who want to plunge into complex and strategic fighting games.

The ability of this game is increasingly protracting with visually stunning complete with heart-racing music. It doesn't stop there, you can even play this game comfortably even though in multiplayer online mode. Of course, this can happen because of technology assistance named rollback netcode. You can still play focus even though you have mediocre internet.

Even though it has provided a mechanical suitable for newcomers, this game remains less suitable for you who want to focus on the story. Lore is very much and enough to push makes Guilty Gear Strive also have a bad story. It seems like there is no other way to fix this problem, except by playing the previous version. Yep, hopefully, the old game will get a remake.

Not only that, the design level that diverse is still bland and not interactive. Many aspects seem to remove this game. Starting from the effects of wind gusts to objects to the destructive effect of the arena battle. Fortunately, some aspects will not affect the gameplay they provide. As far as my experience plays, Guilty Gear: Strive is worth you trying.

That's all a review of us about Game Guilty Gear Strive from the Arc Works System. How do you think you are interested in feeling this super awesome fighting experience? For this reason, the Game Guilty Gear Stripe has been released and you can access it via PC, PS4, and PS5 platforms. For PC users, this game can you buy through the Digital Steam Store platform. Good luck!