Genshin Impact Will Adaptation of Honkai's Dorm Features

Genshin Impact Will Adaptation of Honkai's Dorm Features

Recently, Mihoyo announced that they would soon make a few changes to Serenitea pots. In his announcement, Serenitea Pot in Genshin Impact will adapt the Honkai Impact Dorm feature.

Genshin Impact Will Adaptation of Honkai's Dorm Features

Furthermore, Q & A along with developers shared some information that it loves you to miss.

Players can put their characters in the Serenitea pot

Based on the information available, the player will later put their character in the Serenitea pot. That means, Genshin Impact Housing System will adapt the dorm feature that first is in the Honkai Impact.

Even so, details about this feature will Mihoyo announce when the Special Genshin Impact V1.6 program takes place today. Previously, the developer did call that there would be some changes to Serenitea pots.

One of them is better optimization than the current version. Because some players complained that there was a decrease in performance against their devices when entering the Serenitea pot.

Not only that, reportedly some of the rooms on the second floor will soon be opened. So, make sure you decorate it better.

Some of the latest details of Genshin Impact

In this question and answer session, Mihoyo also shared several answers related to the player's question. What are they?

Q: I can't use crafting bench in co-op mode. Do you bother?

A: Answer To Enter Traveler About Optimization of Crafting Bench In Co-Op Mode There is already there!

Craft and Forge features in co-op mode will be available at v1.6. The open craft and forge manufacturing scheme will be following the progress of each traveler.

If a traveler does forge in the world of co-op friends, a traveler can still get forge results/prizes after returning to their world.

Q: I want to see the location of the co-op friend faster.

This has also been optimized at v1.6. In co-op mode, if a friend is not within the range of the map page, the marker pin for friends will appear on the edge of the map. Press PIN to find a friend's location quickly.