Apple Will Add Call Recording Feature on iOS 14

Apple Will Add Call Recording Feature on iOS 14

Apple is currently preparing to release its newest mobile phone as well as the operating system it carries, iOS. Recently, the iOS Jaibreak community claimed to find a new feature that will be added to devices that get iOS 14 OS updates.

Apple Will Add Call Recording Feature on iOS 14

According to them, now Apple will allow users to record conversations when they make phone calls. Apple itself later confirmed it and explained it in full.

Apple said if the user must get caller approval to activate the call recording function. Also, it is strictly forbidden to share the device with others during a call.

Admittedly, when it comes to privacy, the call recording feature is a complicated issue. The FCC clearly defines that the recording is valid as long as the other party is notified before recording, or there is a voice prompt during the call.

However, it seems that this call recording function will not be available in all countries/regions. For example in Australia and India, local governments have banned individual users from recording calls.

As we know, Apple will release iOS 14 at the WWDC 20 Global Developers Conference which will be held on June 23rd. Unlike the previous year, Apple's annual conference this time will only be held online.

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