Moving Out Review - Super Freight Services!

Moving Out Review - Super Freight Services!

In the realm of local coop based games, the name of Team 17 is clear beyond doubt. Through the two Overcooked series, they succeeded in giving birth to a super creative and innovative coop game. With a simple concept, they can provide works that look very unique. Trying to get out of its flagship franchise, this time they are back doing interesting experiments through their newest game - Moving Out.

Moving Out Review - Super Freight Services!

As the title suggests, Moving Out is a "transfer simulation" game. Still has the characteristics like Overcooked, Moving Out also puts forward the coop system. So what are the new things offered by Team 17 and the two developers - SMG Studio, Devm Games through this newest project? This review will discuss it more deeply.


Like the Overcooked series, Moving Out offers the concept of having fun, where this game is more suitable to be played just for fun. Of course there is no basis for stories or serious things in it, everything feels closer to the elements of comedy.

Unique & Creative

Here you will act as a courier service to move house, where you have to transport house items to be moved. From the explanation above it might sound simple, but it isn't. You will be faced with interesting challenges and demand cooperation if you play it coop.

Each transfer stage has a certain time limit to complete. So it will require you to act as quickly and efficiently as possible in transporting goods. If you exceed the time limit than specified, then you will not get a good rank on the result.

The items that you move must also remain safe, some types of items are also classified as fragile or can be damaged easily. It's more efficient to move things quickly and can be helped by throwing them. But if it's fragile, then you have to handle it carefully.

Besides, when moving your goods you must also be careful of the provided truck room. Requires good coordination and management so that all items can enter. If it is not set, there will be a lot of things that cannot fit into the truck.

So as not to feel saturated, Moving Out provides a variety of interesting houses and locations in each of its staging. The challenges and conditions encountered are varied and not monotonous. Like moving things from a haunted house for example, where ghosts will interfere and can catch you.

Not only houses, but some stages also present more interesting locations such as farms for example. Where you have to move livestock that are difficult to control. Each stage needs a strategy to be able to be maximally resolved.

Moving Out Review - Entertaining Character Customization

To further provide variations of gameplay, Moving Out also provides an arcade mode. Where you have to move things through various obstacles that are difficult to pass. This mode is suitable for those of you who not only want to have fun, but also accept challenges that are more "extreme".

Entertaining Character Customization

Customizable characters are features that were not previously available in the two previous Overcooked games. You could say that the actual features are very simple, but it feels effective to entertain and feels increasingly giving color to the game that puts this excitement.

Along with the progress on each of the staging, you will also unlock various new things, such as items and characters. Through a customization system, you can change characters and use various items and cosmetics that you have unlocked. Designing characters to look cool or vice versa is one of the attractions that are quite entertaining.

More Crowded Cooler!

This game feels more interesting if it is played by more than one person. Through coop, the player's ability will be derived to further encourage cohesiveness. Such as mattresses, cabinets, and various other heavy objects will not be lifted by one person. Requires a minimum of two people to transport large items.

But the advantage of this cooperation is that you can throw large items together with friends. But of course this also requires cohesiveness to do it. It requires proper synchronization and timing to be able to throw items together with friends.

Besides, this game feels very difficult to solve alone if targeting the best results regarding the timing. Two people also feel it still feels difficult, it seems to require many players at once to be able to get the best results. The more players who join it feels more exciting and easier.

But unfortunately, this game only carries the local coop system, where we can’t play with other players randomly. This is certainly a dilemma for players who have few coop partners or even don't have friends to play coop.

In addition to the absence of online coops, the only thing we regret is the absence of objective indicators from the start. Three objective indicators will only be shown after you complete the mission. It seems to encourage to play a stage more than once just to complete objectives that have not been shown. As if encouraging unwanted replayability schemes.

Moving Out Review - Distinctive Visual Full-Color Cartoonist

Distinctive Visual Full-Color Cartoonist

Just like Overcooked, Moving Out also carries a cartoonish visual style. The unique and witty concept is further strengthened by a visual presentation in such away. It does not look beautiful and amazing indeed, but this visual looks very appropriate and makes it feel "sweet".

A simple visual style like a cartoon makes Moving Out acceptable to all circles. It also makes Moving Outlook more refreshing and creates an atmosphere that this game is a means to laugh and have fun as if watching cartoons.


Through its latest experiments, Team17 succeeded in creating a game that feels unique and refreshing through Moving Out. With a variety of interesting things in it, Moving Out managed to provide Overcooked sensation in a newer format and no less interesting.

Indeed there are still some shortcomings in it, but it still does not prevent Moving Out as a game that you should try. Especially when together with friends or family, Moving Out will provide an exciting and laughing coop game experience.