Naraka: Bladepoint Review - Battle Royale with Fighting Game Elements

Naraka: Bladepoint Review - Battle Royale with Fighting Game Elements

Naraka: Bladepoint is the latest Battle Royale game from the release NetEase for the PC and Playstation platform 5. This game is a Battle Royale game with the Theme Cultivation Martial Arts which is different from most BATTLE ROYALE.

Naraka Bladepoint Review - Battle Royale with Fighting Game Elements

The author has played this game every day from the first day of this full release game in Steam. The following is the author's experience playing the game Naraka: Bladepoint.

Unlike Battle Royale in general

Naraka: Bladepoint is a unique battle royale game. In general, Battle Royale always uses firearms or focuses on remote attacks. But in this game, players are more focused on close-range weapons even though they still have remote weapons.

Players can use various kinds of melee weapons in this game. Each type of melee weapon has a different style of game. For example, GreatSword that focuses on attacks with large damage but has a slow attack speed, Spear focuses on the target and has long-distance and good crowd control, and Dagger is more focused on combos and agile movements.

Weapons like the all-rounder Long Sword are also present in this game. Even katana which is a samurai weapon can also use this game and have a unique game style too.

Not only close weapons, but remote weapons are also present in this game. Players can use pistols, Muskets, Cannon, Bow, Crossbow, Flamethrower, even arrow Cannon can be used in this game. But long-distance weapons are not very useful in early games where players play more aggressively and use close-range weapons.

The battle in this game is also unique where there are 3 types of basic movements in melee weapons. Players can use 2 types of attacks, namely vertical and horizontal attacks. This attack is then divided into 3 types, namely Normal Attack, Charge Attack, and Counter Block.

These 3 types of attacks make the game like fighting games. Where 3 types of attacks work like paper stone scissors. Charge Attack can beat the normal attack, the counter block can beat the charge attack, and the normal Attack can beat the counter block.

Players are invited to think quickly when fighting close-range weapons where each movement can be defeated by timing and the use of the right type of attack. But even so, if the player is attacked by many players simultaneously, this feels useless because the players who are attacked by more than 2 other players can certainly die immediately without resistance.

Even though buy-to-play, the game is still play-to-win

Naraka: Bladepoint is a paid game where players must buy the game first to be able to play forever. Even so, players must keep playing so they can be strong.

This is because 2 features require players to grind the character they use. The character in this game is only 7 characters. But each character has a different skill and can be increased by completing the character's mission.

Naraka Bladepoint Review - still play-to-win

Skill on each character is divided into 2, namely Basic Skill and Ultimate Skill. These two skills can be increased so that it has different additional effects. There are 2 upgraded options on each skill so that it provides a lot of combinations and can adjust each player's gameplay.

Not only skill but in this game there is also a talents feature. This feature is more or less the same as the emblem feature in the Mobile Legends game, where players can arrange additional stats according to their style of play. This feature makes it a play-to-win, where players must complete the character quest, daily mission, and weekly mission to get in-game currency to upgrade talent.

Free customization, charming visuals

Customization of skills and talents certainly make players more freedom to choose their respective game styles. But not only is the feature that makes the player free to choose, but character customization features are also present in this cool game. Players can change the color of the skin, hair, to adjust the face of the character as much as possible.

This facial customization is certainly very free, players can make an avatar according to their desires. But actually, this feature is not so important because the focus of the player is fighting, not seeing the beauty of their character.

The graphics given to this game are so beautiful. And as information, Naraka: Bladepoint is a game with the first Engine Unity to use the NVIDIA DLSS and NVIDIA Reflex features. Both of these features make the game even more charming.

Experience playing

The author enjoyed this game. Naraka: Bladepoint brings a new atmosphere in the genre of Battle Royale filled with remote warfare. But this game still can't compete with the Battle Royale game that has been circulating. This is because of 2 things, the game is quite complicated where players must be able to read the opponent's movements, as well as the price of this game that is considered quite expensive for gamers.

Overall, Naraka: Bladepoint is an exciting, tense, and beautiful game. The author recommends this game for gamers who want to find a new Battle Royale atmosphere or like to play fighting games.