Predator - Hunting Grounds Review

Predator - Hunting Grounds Review

Predator, who doesn't know this horrible and cool pop culture figure? With a humanoid form, a physical ability far greater than humans, and a variety of the latest gadgets it has, the Predator is a very deadly hunter. Through its attractive identity, Predator has become one of the most popular pop culture icons in the world.

Predator - Hunting Grounds Review

Of course it becomes interesting news after the end, this one character will be raised in a video game format through Predator: Hunting Grounds. Previously there were indeed some games that had raised "Predator" as the main theme, but most were based on single players only. Something different from Predator is now offered through Predator Hunting Grounds which has a main focus on the multiplayer aspect.

Present through the cold hands of IllFonic who had managed to succeed through his asymmetric multiplayer project - Friday the 13th. So what content and new things does IllFonic have to offer through Predator: Hunting Grounds? This review will answer more deeply.

Pure Multiplayer Game Without Story

No longer carrying the Predator concept as a single-player game with the spice of the story like some previous games, now Predator: Hunting Grounds is purely a multiplayer game. The game did not embed a single-player mode and of course also without any aspect of the story in it. The game carries the concept of asymmetric multiplayer like Evolve or Dead by Deadlight. Where players will be provided on their respective roles. More specifically, the game carries the 1 vs 4 player mode.

Here you will be faced with the role of special forces known as "Fireteam" and also Predators. Both sides have different objectives in each match. As Fireteam, you will be joined in a squad of up to 4 players. While in the Predator camp, you will act alone without the help of other players or other companions.


Gameplay from Fireteam's point of view will bring you to an FPS point of view. Together with the other three players, you will be required to complete the mission that has been given while hunting for a roaming Predator. To be able to complete the mission, of course, you are also required to be mutually compact and maintain each other. So that it feels more crowded, later you will also face the NPCs who are ready to thwart your mission.

Predator - Hunting Grounds Review Gameplay

In order to adjust to your playstyle, Predator Hunting Grounds provide a choice of weapons that are quite varied. Starting from assault rifle, sniper, shotgun, pistol, until the Gatling gun which can later be unlocked after reaching a certain level. In addition there are 4 classes that you can use and their abilities have their respective abilities. But to use a different class, you must unlock them one by one by reaching a certain level.

Fireteam's condition in completing the mission is arguably conditional, first is completing objectives and surviving from Predators. The second is being able to finish off the Predator before the objective is completed. Another case with Fireteam, Predator has a more simple objective, which is to eliminate all existing Fireteam. There are many interesting gadgets that you can use to hunt down Fireteam. Starting from the heat detector, claw, sword, plasma cannon, and other weapons that can later be unlocked through progress.

Just like Fireteam, as the game progresses, you can also use different classes from Predators. His invention certainly has advantages and disadvantages of each. Like class hunters who have balanced stats, berserker who has HP tanks plus strong attacks, or scouts who have stamina plus high speed.

Unbalanced balancing!

A game with an asymmetric 1 vs 4 multiplayer focus initially sounded interesting to us. Moreover, seeing the Predator with its reputation as a deadly humanoid, increasingly convinced us that the game will later carry a balance system that makes a predator equal to 4 special forces.

But hope is only just hoping, Predator: Hunting Grounds has a balanced balance system. Actually not from the Predator camp that looks weak, but the mission scheme available. All missions revolve around the same objective and make Fireteam always stick together in the same location.

Predator - Hunting Grounds Review Unbalanced balancing

While the key to winning the Predator is to kill Fireteam members one by one. In many match schemes, we rarely find Fireteam members who want to split up. This certainly makes the Predator camp very difficult to win every match. It was funny to see the Predator's reputation as a hunter instead ended up being a hunted creature.

One strategy that can be taken in this situation is to utilize AI soldiers who are also hunting Fireteam. But unfortunately, once again, this strategy cannot be overly relied on. Seeing the AI that is stupid and easily eliminated makes Fireteam not get enough meaningful challenges.

The solution we offer for this balancing problem? Through the upcoming updates, we hope that IllFonic can implement one of the two things we mentioned. First, it can be tricked by increasing the Predator stat to be stronger and not easily killed. Secondly, IllFonic can embed various new missions that can make Fireteam "split" temporarily from the group to complete certain objectives.

Less polished mechanism and control scheme

Actually there are many interesting mechanisms that are carried in this game. It's just that some of them feel not polished with all my heart. Predator mechanism that can jump from tree to tree like a ninja does look very cool. But often encounter problems that interfere.

Like bugs that sometimes make us unable to climb or descend trees. From Fireteam's own camp, he has a gameplay mechanism that is less fluid and rather rigid. We can't even vault or jump over an object that looks affordable.

In addition to the bugs in the game, there is a bug that we encounter most often, wherein the main menu and customize characters, Predator characters often do not load the textures and look "more terrible”.

More annoying again, for those of you who play it via PS4 or use a controller. Predator: Hunting Grounds feel less friendly to the control scheme. To run, you must hold L3 while directing the direction of the character's movements instead of using 1 button that can be pressed easily.

Super Long Matchmaking that Tortures the Chest

When talking about the most annoying things about this game, it certainly comes from a frustrating matchmaking system. In the early days of this release, Predator: Hunting Grounds had a very long matchmaking system. This is likely to occur on servers that are less stable or the number of players that are still very small.

At the time this review was written, we still often experienced the very long matchmaking problems. For no preference that puts you in a random camp takes 3 to 6 minutes. For Fireteam camps with more player percentage, you will be faced with 4 to 10 minutes.

Predator - Hunting Grounds Review Pampering Visual

While the most annoying came from the Predator camp. To be able to play as a Predator, you will be faced with a long matchmaking that will be too tight. The estimation is indeed written 6 minutes, but often we wait 15 to 30 minutes with no results at all. Here, being able to play predators by short matchmaking can be considered as "luck".

Very boring when faced with a very long matchmaking. In fact, often the time spent waiting for matchmaking is much longer than the length of one match. You could say this is the most serious problem faced by Predator: Hunting Grounds at this time.

Lootbox & Customization

Every time you finish a match, you will receive credits and exp. Credits themselves can be used to open crate containing random items or buy cosmetic items directly. In addition to buying with credits, the crate can also be obtained as a bonus to level up.

The Crate you get contains random cosmetic items with different rarity values. Another way to get interesting items from the crate is of course to buy it directly with real money. But for us, that doesn't seem too commensurate, one of which is that getting a crate is fairly easy. Plus each crate that is obtained often gives a high rarity.

From the Fireteam camp, you can change your gender and equip interesting items. Ranging from uniform skins, weapon skins, masks, to masks. From the Predator camp also not much different, where you can change gender plus use a variety of cosmetic skins that look attractive.

The only problem we face is that the customize mode does not provide a clear indication of which items have been unlocked. This makes it difficult for us to find and use which items we have unlocked after opening the crate.

Pampering Visual!

From this point of view, we can give a sharp critique of the gameplay and mechanism of the Predator: Hunting Grounds. But that does not mean the game is present without any advantages at all. Through the visual aspect, you could say that the game appeared very spoil the eyes.

The concept of a Predator game with a background of wilderness as a foundation is able to look detailed and amazing. Each environment presented can be presented neatly through the Unreal Engine wrap.

Each effect such as shadows, lighting, reflection, fog, and other particles are able to look slick and give the impression and a more immersive atmosphere.

Predator - Hunting Grounds Review Immersive Sound & Soundtrack

Immersive Sound & Soundtrack

Besides visuals, another aspect that deserves thumbs up for the Predator Hunting Grounds comes through the implementation of its sound design. The audio presentation that was presented made the battle between Fireteam Vs Predator feels more immersive. Predators approaching prey or as they move up the tree sound more real.

Similarly, the soundtrack that is presented is also able to be presented properly. Although not present with a varied number of tracks, but the various soundtracks that are presented are able to further strengthen the atmosphere of the game.

As Fireteam, you will be presented with a more gripping soundtrack in the face of predators plus enemy soldiers. Similarly, as a Predator, in the hunt, you will be presented with a Soundtrack that will further stimulate adrenaline.


By carrying the big name "Predator" in it, unfortunately Hunting Grounds can not provide something truly special. The theme and the actual concept of this game look potential, but unfortunately it cannot be presented to the maximum.

Despite having excellent visual and audio presentations, unfortunately there are still many shortcomings that make this IllFonic project far from perfect. Gameplay that feels less solid, bugs that are still scattered, an unbalanced balancing system, to super long matchmaking that sucks into many things that still need to be underlined.

For now, we see that there are only a few games that still survive with the asymmetric multiplayer 1 VS 4 concept. While many of them are now dead, such as Evolve, for example, who initially also looked very ambitious. To be able to defend Predators: Hunting Grounds will likely be a great PR for IllFonic. But we hope that the developer can improve and make this one potential game meet its bright spot.