Sausage Man Review - Battle Royale Game between sausages

Sausage Man Review - Battle Royale Game between sausages

On this occasion, the author will provide a brief review of the game that is hype again, namely Sausage Man.

Sausage Man Review - Battle Royale Game between sausages

Sausage Man released at the end of June is a mobile game made by XD with the genre of Battle Royale. With Fortnite-style cartoon graphics and serious gameplay ala pubg, making this game at least a fresh breeze in the genre of Battle Royale.

Curious, the author decided to download it in the favorite emulator. You can download Sausage Man on the Google Play Store and TapTap. For now, there is still no information on when Sausage Man will be present on the iOS platform.

Before playing, it turns out there are several files that must be downloaded again. Funny thing is, after logging into the game, the author is given the freedom to choose a gender sausage that has no significant difference between the two.

Finally, before starting the game, the author goes to the Ground Training to make keyboard mapping settings and try various kinds of weapons available.

In this game, we will compete with 99 other sausages. Like the Battle Royale game in general, only one sausage will get a victory. Teamwork is the key to winning a match between these sausages.

Fortnite style cartoon graphics, serious gameplay pubg version

It doesn't feel wrong to say that Sausage Man is a combination of Fortnite and pubg. With Fortnite style cartoon graphics, and with serious gameplay ala pubg, making this game still, be able to impress challenging to play. And like other Battle Royale games, in this game, there are several interesting modes to play.

In Sausage Man, the choice of weapons varies greatly to adjust to the game style of the players. Starting from SMG, Assault Rifle, Sniper, Shotgun, pistol, to unique weapons such as Gattling Gun available for use.

Players can also use skills in the form of a lootable item on the match, add attachments to weapons, driving a pig-shaped vehicle, ball, until the UFO is also available in this game.

Having a map will feel more efficient when using a ball-shaped vehicle. Besides being able to move quickly, you can shoot even maneuver to avoid other sausage shots.

The appearance of the Rank Gift System Ala Brawl Stars. Even though playing F2P, it won't matter because there are so many missions that you can solve to get a prize. And the Brawl Stars Rank system seems to make this game itself.

With the Brawl Starts Rank system, it is likely to be able to motivate casual players a little to compete with other players. If a player has limited capabilities to compete, this will certainly be a boomerang for this Brawl Stars Rank system that limits the new gift can be taken at a certain level.

Grind might be a solution, but it would be better if the prize can be obtained from the free season pass, so it won't seem to force a casual player to compete.

Sausage Man Review - Fortnite style cartoon graphics

There is a season pass

Don't forget, to complete this free-to-play game Sausage Man also has a season pass. With a gift system as can be found in Apex Legends, there are 100 levels and 2 special prizes when it reaches that level.

With a duration per season of approximately 7 weeks, at least this can be a motivation to play this game without having to bother with the existing ranking system. Plus Weekly Mission, Daily Mission, and Weekly Activities will make it easier for progress when completing this Season Pass.

As additional information, this season's pass price is in the range of 175 thousand and does not include taxes. Especially in this season 1, Sausage Man provides a discount of 60% for Gold Season Pass and about 65% for the Gold Season Pass Premium Edition.

With your sausage customization, you can

Sausage Man gives full freedom to his player to customize his sausages. No matter what the sausage gender you choose, players are given full freedom of imagination, so that the sausages can wear any gender clothes.

Starting from the Party Card, Outfit, Weapon, Melee, Bubble, Action, Toy, Vehicle, to items, all can be customized while you. By using a good costume, it will add tastiness, a kind of fashion point to your sausage.

Don't forget to be spiced with gacha elements

It feels like today, there are no mobile games that don't add Gacha elements. Aside from being a material to make others Salty's look of your sausage is getting cooler, there is no additional status element obtained from the Gacha item.

Other than that. There are several types of supply boxes with different prices and prizes.

From the Lootbox, players can also get a coupon that can be exchanged with costumes available at the shop. There is no definite amount for coupons obtained from the LOOT BOX, to exchange the prize will take a short time.

Sausage Man Review - Can be played in the emulator

Can be played in the emulator

It doesn't hurt to use the emulator if it only plays occasionally. But for those of you who want to play seriously, the author suggests using a supported device. Apart from going to match with fellow emulator users, teammates who play will get a similar warning.

The warning will increase the duration of the match with fellow emulator users over time. So make sure you play with friends who also use the emulator so that friends who play on the smartphone are not affected.

Even though according to the author, this game will be more exciting if it can be played with a large screen like on a computer, or cross-platform support like Cyber Hunter. Small screen limitations on the smartphone seem to be a separate limitation for the writer to be able to enjoy this game as a whole.

In addition, this is due to the lack of variations in the Battle Royale genre game that raised the theme of Seunik Sausage Man. So, it doesn't feel wrong to look at the XD Games developer team to make the PC version.


Based on the experience obtained by the author, Sausage Man can provide fresh air on the genre of Battle Royale on the mobile platform that is still dominated by the pubg and free fire. With a ranking system like Brawl Stars to get a prize, it seems to make this casual game not too casual-friendly. However, for the BATTLE ROYALE genre lovers, almost certainly will not be overwhelmed to compete with other sausages.